Cyprus holidays. Aphrodite's birthplace on the island of Cyprus - Petra tou Romiou (The rock of the Greek). Aphrodite's legendary birthplace in Paphos. Vacation Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus and the romance of his island life have always attracted travelers. Top travel destinations.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Its area is 9,251 km.2. Most of the island is covered by mountains. The capital is Nicosia

The cult of Aphrodite lies at the heart of the pre-Christian Cypriot religious life, the whole island became its sanctuary. Until now, as the legacy of a beautiful goddess, Cyprus is considered an island of love. From one city of Cyprus to any other you can reach by car at most in a couple of hours, because the island is very small. This not only adds to its charm, but also allows you to see everything if you want. Cyprus is primarily a vacation at sea. At the same time, beach pastime can be easily diluted with trips to natural and historical sights. Cyprus is good beaches, clear sea, beautiful views, interesting cuisine, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, advanced service. Cyprus has both equipped beaches (in resort areas and restaurants) and wild / semi-wild beaches. All of them are municipal, so you can relax on anyone, even if there is a hotel or restaurant nearby.

Every nation has beautiful and amazing legends. They are diverse in subject: legends about the exploits of heroes, stories about the emergence of the names of geographical objects, scary stories about supernatural beings and romance stories about lovers. Primitive man, who has no idea about the causes of many natural phenomena occurring around him, composed myths. Through them he tried to explain his vision of the world. Later, on the basis of mythology, amazing and interesting legends began to emerge about heroes, gods and supernatural phenomena. Many of them are preserved in the traditions of the peoples of the world.

From VII to IV millennium BC, in Cyprus there was a settlement called Hirokitia, which until now was considered the oldest on the island. It turned out that this is far from the case - archaeologists from the Greek University of Aristotelian discovered that at the same time another village was founded on this territory. The remains of stone structures, utensils and tools built on it made it clear how the inhabitants of the village lived and what they knew how to do.

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Cyprus holidays. Aphrodite birthplace on the island of Cyprus - Petra tou Romiou (The rock of the Greek). Aphrodite legendary birthplace in Paphos. Vacation Cyprus.
Most likely, the inhabitants of the second of the most ancient settlements of Cyprus lived approximately the same as the inhabitants of Hirokitia. At the moment, it is known that Hirokitiya was a village protected by stone walls, in which from 300 to 600 people lived. Their houses had a round shape, and were also built of stone, located as close to each other as possible. Among the main occupations of the inhabitants of Hirokitia were hunting, farming and livestock farming. Thanks to this, they could very well afford the meat of goats, sheep and pigs, as well as a variety of cereals, figs and plums. In the VI century BC, the inhabitants of Hirokitia for unknown reasons left their place of residence, but after 1.5 millennia other people returned to the place, but they did not last long there.

According to legend, the Greek goddess of love and fertility Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea near the rock, which today bears her name

Petra tou Romiou - The Rock of Aphrodite - a place between Limassol and Paphos, the legendary birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite. In Cyprus, many beaches are sandy. There are also sandy-pebble, pebble and even stone. As for the color of the sand, it varies from white to gray, with varying degrees of yellowness and redhead.

A legend is a poetic tale of some historical event. This is an epic tale of time immemorial; the main characters of the story are usually heroes in the full sense of the word, often gods and other supernatural forces directly participate in the events. Legends, as a rule, were oral tales, often set to music; Legends were transmitted by word of mouth, usually by wandering narrators. Today, myths and legends are also popular among people as many years ago.

The myth is considered as a legend that conveys the ideas of people about the world, the place of a person in it, about the origin of all things, about gods and heroes and a certain idea about the world. "Myth" is a Greek word for "story." Myths are the stories created by people thousands or hundreds of years ago about gods and heroes, about miracles and transformations.

It is prohibited to lift archaeological treasures from the seabed or remove them from the territory of Cyprus without prior permission of the Director of the Department of Antiquities. The best time for a beach holiday in Cyprus is September - the first half of October, when there is almost no rain, it is warm, but there is no sweltering heat, and the sea is well warmed. During a holiday in Cyprus, a tourist will find something to please his stomach: numerous taverns, fast food outlets, take-away diners - all these places are present on the island in large numbers. In addition to Cypriot taverns, there are many restaurants serving international cuisines in tourist spots.

More than two thousand years ago, the ancient Greek scholar Plato, in his dialogs "Timaeus" and "Critius", spoke about an unusual state located on an island west of the Hercules Pillars or between modern Britain and Morocco. It may seem that Plato had some problems with geography, but the latest news from the Netherlands shows the opposite. According to geologists, under the Mediterranean Sea there may be a huge island the size of Greenland.

According to scientists from the Netherlands, under modern Europe are the remains of the ancient mainland, which in scientific circles have already been called Big Adria. Currently, it is completely buried - not under the ocean, but under southern Europe. About 140 million years ago, two continents began to collide. Greater Adria was completely destroyed in the collision process and, for the most part, sank beneath those places where Italy, Greece and the Baltic are now located. In addition, Big Adria is not unique. New studies of the Earth's mantle show that under the oceans of our planet, a huge number of lost continents can be hidden. Thus, an analysis of ancient rocks suggests that in the past our planet was a much more geologically active place than it is now. Evidence of how life first appeared may be lost somewhere, at great depths.

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