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The temple in honor of St. Michael the Archangel was founded in Vladimir in 1891

The church is located on Studenaya Mountain. The construction was sponsored by a retired captain Fedor G. Arkhangelsky, other city philanthropists also helped by means and materials, for example, windows were installed thanks to the owner of a glass factory Nechaev-Maltsev.

Construction by architect A.P. Afanasyev was completed by 1893. During the consecration procedure, the townspeople were surprised by the unusual Byzantine architecture of the red brick building for Vladimir. The Archangel Michael Church is distinguished by round shapes, a single head crowned with a dome, and a belfry. Particularly noteworthy is the magnificent acoustics of the temple, and the interior is small - there can be only about 400 believers at a time.

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Archangel Michael church

The temple of the Archangel Michael in its appearance is the most unconventional of all the surviving churches of Vladimir

The church was closed to religious rites in 1929. But it was not demolished under the Soviet regime like many other churches, but was used as a storage room. Such a mode of operation allowed the church to survive several decades without any noticeable damage. In the early 80s of the twentieth century, restoration work was carried out. In the 90s, the Archangel Michael Church finally passed to the believers.

Nowadays, this is a very prominent urban landmark and a popular wedding venue for young couples. In 2010, the original appearance of the temple, which is now crowned with a crystal cross, made in the crystal factory of the city of Gus-Crystal Vladimir region. The temple currently has several local shrines. These are the miraculous icons of the Mother of God "The Hearing God", "Theodorovskaya", "Bogolyubskaya".

Tourism of the Vladimir region has, first of all, a cultural and historical direction. This is the Small Golden Ring of Russia, including Suzdal, Alexandrov, Yuryev-Polsky, Murom, Gorokhovets and Gus Khrustalny. The main asset of the Vladimir region is a large number of ancient temples and monasteries, many of which were laid during the time of Prince Vladimir.

Tours in the Vladimir region are very diverse and saturated according to the program, at the same time, they are clearly worked out and in the minimum time allow you to have time to feel the secrets and charm of the old Russian land. Other small Russian cities rich in history - Kovrov, Petushki, Kirzhach are no less interesting to visit. The city of Suzdal attracts many Russian and foreign tourists. It is called the city-museum, as every meter breathes with antiquity and history. The appearance of the city is made up of old stone blocks, stalls, neat houses with carved platbands.

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