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Armenia is mystical mountains and lyrical landscapes, millennial temples and impregnable fortresses, biblical Ararat and turquoise waters of Sevan, Caucasian hospitality and juicy kebabs, aroma of morning coffee and delicate taste of honey baklava. In a very small area there is literally everything that tourists need for a great adventure: majestic mountains, unspoiled nature, a thousand-year historical heritage, authentic culture and, of course, centuries-old gastronomic traditions.

The main attraction of the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is the Republic Square, the central square of the city. On the square you can see the following buildings that form the square itself: this is the Government of Armenia (it's not difficult to recognize the building by the clock tower), then - the Central Post Office Building of the Republic of Armenia, the Marriott Hotel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Ministry of Energy, and the Museum of History complement the general appearance of the square. In summer, the singing fountains become the decoration of the square, and in the winter - the New Year tree. New Year's Eve is also held at the Republic Square - a concert, fireworks, folk festivals.

You can visit the Church of Holy Mother of God Katoghike. Perhaps this is the oldest church in Yerevan. It was originally built in the 13th century. Later the church was completed and from the 17th century on this place stood another, large church. The most curious thing is that the church survived both during the period of Earthquakes and during wars, and was destroyed by the Soviet authorities in 1936. It was then that the very first small chapel of the 13th century was discovered.

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Armenian church
Spend a few days in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and then go sightseeing the country. Most tourists in Armenia like nature in the mountains, it is really worth seeing. Visit Echmiadzin - the spiritual center of Armenia, where the cathedral and the temple of Hripsime are located. Armenia is the first Christian state in the world, and Echmiadzin is of particular importance for all Christians. You will enjoy the trip to Lake Sevan, as well as to the Khor Virap and Noravank monasteries. There are many more attractions in Armenia.

Surp Astavatsatsin Church (Holy Mother of God Church) at Sevanavank Monastery, Armenia

The Sevanavank Monastery is located in the Gegharkunik district, which is popular in Armenia due to the possession of the blue pearl of Armenians - Lake Sevan. On the narrow rocky Sevan Peninsula there are two churches. These two churches were built in the year 874 and together form the Sevanavank Monastery. This is one of the most famous sights of medieval Armenian architecture. Sevanavank Monastery consists of two churches: St. Arakelots (Holy Apostles) and St. Astvatsamayr (Most Holy Mother of God). The architecture of both churches is almost the same. They are made of black tuff in the shape of a cross. Surb Astvatsamayr Church kept the most important gifts in the monastery, including 200 manuscripts, 400 printed books, jewelry, crosses and many other items. Some inscriptions from the 9th century have been preserved on the Surb of Arakelotskaya church. The wooden doors of this church are especially valuable because it dates from the 15th century, and its carving proves the brilliance of medieval Armenian art.

Already for the sake of one kitchen you should go on a trip to Armenia Both meat eaters, vegetarians, and sweet lovers will love it. It goes without saying that you must go to the Ararat factory and try brandy (you can also buy it there), as well as take a trip to Areni and taste the local wine. Armenian cuisine is hard to imagine without khorovats (kebabs), pita bread, cheese, dairy products, various snacks, such as pickled pepper. Do not miss the chance to try dolma and jengyalov hats.

You can go to Armenia at any time of the year, depending on your goals. Temples and cultural heritage can be visited at any time of the year. In winter, you can have a great time at the Tsakhkadzor ski resort, and in summer you can go trekking in the mountains or climb the highest mountain in the country - Aragats. But still the best time to visit is the middle of spring and autumn. In the spring, it is already warm, but not yet hot, nature blooms with bright colors, the slopes are green and covered with flowers. In autumn, ripe peaches ripen. plums, grapes and other fruits, in the markets at this time they are quite cheap. In addition, the autumn is not so hot.

Tourists bring home famous cognac "Ararat", "Noah" (there are other brands) and wine as gifts and souvenirs. Armenian craftsmen are famous for their silverware, precious stones, and ceramics. If the budget allows, you can buy genuine handmade carpet. A good souvenir will be Armenian sweets house halvah, boiled fruit juice - doshab, sujukh (analogue of churchkhela), dried fruits. From the products you can take more cheese and dried herbs and spices.

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