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Over a million tourists from all over the world come to Baikal every year. Coolest places in Russia.

Baikal is shrouded in many secrets and attracts lovers of traveling from all over the world

Ice fairytale begins on Baikal in winter. There is very little dissolved and suspended mineral substances in Baikal water, as well as negligible organic impurities and a lot of oxygen. That is why ice is so transparent and durable. Numerous rivers and lakes of Siberia have huge reserves of fresh water. The largest natural reservoir of the region (and the deepest on the planet) is Lake Baikal. The unique location of the lake surrounded by mountain ranges creates completely different natural objects for every taste. Each of these places is worth a visit and it all depends on your preferences and season of visit.

At any time of the year, Baikal has something to see and do, it is possible to come to Baikal all year round - in the summer, in the autumn, in the winter and in the spring. The warmest months in the summer season are July and August, and to enjoy the winter entertainment on Lake Baikal, it is better to come in February-March, when the lake is shackled by the most strong and transparent ice, whose thickness reaches more than 1.5 meters. The ice season on Baikal begins around February 15 and lasts until the beginning of April. At this time, the lake is stiff with strong ice and it is possible to make trips in jeeps, walk, skate, cross-country skiing, snowmobiles. The weather at this time is quite warm and sunny.

The popularity of these places is gaining momentum every year. There are many agencies that offer tours to Lake Baikal, organize photo tours. Rest on Lake Baikal: clear ice. This is an amazingly beautiful tour to the ice tale of winter Baikal. You will admire the majestic island of Olkhon, inspect the insane beauty of grottoes and caves, take a photo with them and stand over the deepest point of the lake. Huge hummocks and crystal ice, whose thickness reaches 3 meters, attract thousands of tourists from all over the world on Lake Baikal. People do not let the camera out of their hands, shoot each other everywhere: at the rock, through the ice, on the ice.

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Baikal lake, Russia
In winter, Baikal becomes the world's largest skating rink. Kilometers of blue, absolutely transparent ice - this is not found anywhere else. To look close at the ice splashes, ridges and grottoes, take a snowmobile or quad bike and go to the Baikal distance. Rental offices are, for example, in the village Listvyanka. And if you want an instructor to accompany you, book a tour. Short trips last for three hours. But the icy space is worth exploring for a whole week, moving from one stunning place to another.

Many people say that wishes made on the New Year on Baikal come true - and they come here again and again to make plans

The Baikal ice is hypnotically beautiful, it attracts travelers, divers, athletes, scientists, artists, photographers and even musicians. In the New Year holidays, the atmosphere of fairy tales and magic reigns on Baikal. People come here for unusually clean air, dazzling white snow and an incredible sky littered with bright stars. For New Year holidays, it is advisable to book hotels and recreation centers on Baikal in advance. In winter, you need warm clothes, shoes that can withstand minus 20-30 degrees of frost, it is also desirable to take two sets of thermal underwear and a thermos. It is especially cold at the end of December and the beginning of January, when ice is forming on Baikal.

Here you can try fish in different forms - smoked, dried, salted and even raw. Hot smoked omul is especially popular, especially if it is only from a smokehouse and you definitely need to eat on the shore of Lake Baikal. Walking along the transparent ice of Lake Baikal along the rocky shores of Olkhon Island, one can see and capture on the camera of extraordinary beauty splashes, numerous grottoes and blue hummocks. At this time, winter ice fishing is common on Baikal. The traditional menu of Baikal is fish and meat dishes. Baikal region is famous for Buryat and Siberian cuisine.

Apart from the fact that the ice of Lake Baikal is fabulously beautiful, with its cracks inside, through which you can even see the water, skating, sledding and even cycling are skating along it. Imagine, you can feel free to tell your friends that you rode on the world's largest rink! Skating rink, which has no end, no edge. There are deep rifts in the ice, they can stretch for miles in all directions, clear water flows in them, and, of course, every self-respecting traveler tastes it. And be sure to try the Baikal omul. Delicious fish that lives only here. Of course, on the islands are organized and excursions, and trips, they can last a whole day, so tourists will not be bored for sure.

There are many lakes in the world - large and small, deep and shallow, harsh and picturesque, but it has no equal. And about any other lake there are so many legends and tales, songs and poems, poems and stories. They sound not only great love and reverence, but also something that inspires respect, emphasizes the greatness inherent only to Baikal and sharply distinguishing it from all the lakes of the globe.

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