Balaklava sunset, Crimea

The beaches of Balaklava are among the most beautiful places in Crimea

One of the most interesting resort towns in Crimea is Balaclava

It is located near Sevastopol, but less noisy and lively. Even in medieval times, settlers moored to the green shores, as they could hide their little ships in a bay of an unusual shape. The brightest attraction of the coast is an ancient fortress, once the impregnable bastion. Now it offers to see tourists every summer coming to the beaches of the resort. Also in the city there are memorable museum expositions, strategic objects and picturesque corners of nature, which you should definitely visit.

During the "cold war" none of ordinary citizens could dream of getting into Balaclava. It was a super-secret facility. After all, a modern at the time underground complex for repairing nuclear submarines was built here. This was favored by the bay, which is not visible from the sea, the level and tranquility of the water in it, as well as a suitable rock.

Balaclava is famous for its picturesque beaches, which are located on both sides of the city bay. The most famous beaches include Vasili, Shaitan, Silver, Gold, Fig. Figs beach near Balaklava is one of the most beautiful places in Crimea, located on Cape Aya. You can come here and stay in an equipped tent camp on the very shore of the Black Sea. On this beach Balaklava coast mainly rocky and pebble. Magnificent Crimean pines and various types of juniper grow around it, which, in combination with the surrounding nature, makes this corner truly a paradise. You can get to Figs beach by private boat or by public boat to Golden Beach, and then walk to the east side, where there is a special path.

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Balaklava sunset, Crimea

Sunset on the Black Sea

The most famous became wild beaches in Balaclava. As a rule, they are without vegetation, covered with sand and pebbles, with minimal infrastructure. You can get to these country beaches on foot, if not to be afraid of the hot sun, but a rather difficult road leads to some. Therefore, the majority of tourists often use the services of local carriers, to any of the beaches of Balaclava in 15-30 minutes they take tourists by motorboats.

Compared to the advantages that other Balaclava beaches have, Jasper beach has special ones: it is one of the most spacious (over 500 m), with an amazing view of Cape Fiolent, here there is a small pebble of different colors and transparent sea. You can get here by boat or boat, and also, if you come to Fiolent, you can walk down the famous 800-speed staircase.

Balaclava is a small resort town near Sevastopol. Today there are crowds of tourists, and once the settlement was closed, because this place was the secret base of submarines. A unique natural landscape, watery space, interesting museums, numerous fish restaurants - this is why it is worth going to Balaclava!

Balaclava skillfully combines the relaxed atmosphere of the Crimean San Tropez and a serious military history. Balaclava in the first place is the sea, and therefore all the main activities for tourists take place here in the summer. Of course, the city is open to the public in the winter, but at this time many places of fun and entertainment are closed. It is best to visit Balaclava in July and August.

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