Bali beach, Indonesia. Bali is an island of two oceans: Indian and Pacific

By and large, the holiday season in Bali never ends

People come here to slowly comprehend the traditions of exotic people, taste tropical cuisine and enjoy the tender ocean and warm weather

Bali is a fabulously beautiful island with a unique rich culture. For tourists who are accustomed to relax in 4-5-star hotels with their sun beds and gazebos on the beach, a respectable area with the wide white beach of Nusa Dua will be a paradise. Those who want immediate access to the ocean, directly from the villa, go to Chandidasu. By the way, it is there, in the east, the most beautiful beach palm groves in Bali.

For a romantic getaway, secluded beaches near the hotels Grand Nico and Moulia (Geger Beach) are suitable. Families with children, as well as retirees are sheltered by Sanur. Party people and surfers will love Kuta and Legian. For lovers of gorgeous views and beaches with cliffs, as well as advanced surfers, the road leads to Uluwatu beaches. Life on the coast is ideal for fans of surfing and just in love with the ocean. On the east coast to Amed and Tulamben, especially if the black volcanic beaches are unusual for you, there is a direct route to snorkelers and divers.

Bali has 2 volcanoes - Batur and Agung. The most popular among tourists is the volcano Batur, climbing to the top takes from 50 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the preparation. As a rule, this is a night ascent, where the cherished goal is the desire to meet the dawn on the top. The paths are very picturesque, and the fact that many paths lead to the very edge of the volcano, and from two sides only a precipice adds to the vividness of impressions.

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Bali beach, Indonesia
Bali is a relatively small, but insanely beautiful island with an extremely rich culture known for outstanding representatives. What is worth only Barong Dance - a ritual dedicated to the deity Barong, which is held in the morning. Bali is also famous for its jewelry and stone sculptures. Indonesia, being an unusually bright and attractive country, unites dozens of cities and resorts unlike each other. But the main point of attraction remains the island of Bali. Powerful ocean, jungle, volcanoes, rich colors, surfing, mysterious rituals, the magical attraction of Asia in action - it's all about him.

The island of Bali conquers at first sight and remains forever in the heart

Nature in Bali is an amazing place for which it's definitely worth a visit. Bali is not for nothing called the "Edge of silence and comfort". Tourists have access to the whole range of resort entertainment: active sports, exciting excursions and relaxing in bars. Nature has pleased Bali with various waterfalls. There are powerful single-stream waterfalls, there are stepped, there are even waterfall valleys with trekking. The most stunning and beautiful, besides, the highest waterfall, Sekumpul, there are several waterfalls at once, and you can swim in them. The most unusual waterfalls are double Git Git and Aling Aling. Aling-Aling is located as if in a gorge, it is unusual for its cup-lake at the base with immaculately turquoise water.

In addition to the ocean and waterfalls, there are extraordinary lakes on the island. At the foot of the volcano Batur there is a stunning lake of the same name, a boat trip on the lake Batur is very impressive. Bali prices are slightly lower in May than in winter or summer. The best months for a holiday in Bali are May, June, July, August, September, October.

Bali is the most popular and, accordingly, the most developed Indonesian resort in terms of tourism. It attracts tourists with its pristine landscapes, tropical forests, imposing volcanoes Kintamini, Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung, ancient temples and, of course, endless beaches. The main party center of Bali, a place where life is in full swing, regardless of whether the sun is frying or the moon is shining, is the "sweet couple" of Kuta and Seminyak.

The format of the rest is very similar: here and there round-the-clock parties, megawatts of light and sound, lively streets with bars and restaurants. However, Kuta is especially attractive to young people because of its democracy, simplicity and cheap alcohol. In addition to the fans of parties and the gap on the night parties in Kuta, many fans come to conquer the wave: the conditions for surfing here are just perfect. Accordingly, the neighborhood is full of rental locations, schools and private surfing instructors.

Indonesia has more than 13,600 islands, many of which are of volcanic origin, and Bali is one of them. Geographically, Bali belongs to the Malay Archipelago, two adjacent land areas are the island of Java, where people come to admire active volcanoes, and Lombok, where the original tropics are preserved. The southern part of Bali is washed by the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean, and on the north side it is surrounded by the Bali Sea - part of the Pacific Ocean. The entire central and northwestern part of the island is covered by mountains, where you can find the famous coffee plantations. The highest points are the volcanoes Agung and Batur. From the center to the south, mountainous terrain gradually turns into a plain, the most suitable for growing rice, fruits and vegetables. The beaches of the south coast are white or golden, in the north you can see the real volcanic sand of black color.

The Gunung Kawi Temple Complex, located 25 km from the Balinese city of Ubud, was discovered in 1920 by an unknown Dutch archaeologist. It is considered the largest megalithic monument in all of Southeast Asia, and scientists are still trying to unravel its secrets. Last week, researchers put forward the view that this complex is not only a cave temple, but also the location of the oldest pyramid. According to them, under the temple there can be secret passages up to 15 meters deep. Scientists suggest that now hidden structures could be built more than 10,000 years ago. The temple itself is located in the Pakrisan River Valley - to go down to it, you need to overcome about 300 steps. After archaeological excavations using georadar and a seismic tomograph, the team found signs that Gunung Padang is a structure of several layers built in different historical periods. The topmost layer, 3500 years old, consists of stone columns and walls. The second layer, which was previously considered natural rock, was formed 8,000 years ago from columnar rocks. The third layer, formed 9500-28000 years ago, extends to a depth of 15 meters and has large cavities and chambers carved by ancient people.

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