Banff national park travel Canada. Canoeing trip. Couple Canoeing and Relaxing. Banff Lake Louise tours Canada

Banff National Park (Banff, Alberta) is probably one of those places in Canada that you definitely need to visit

The park is located in the Canadian Rockies (Rocky Mountains) since 1885, it is the oldest national park in Canada. There are many tourists here at any time of the year, prices are quite high (it's not for nothing that Banff is one of the most visited national parks in the world), but. all this repeatedly pays off for its delightful mountain landscapes, the almost virgin nature and the diversity of wild fauna (moose, squirrels, lynxes, foxes, otters, wolves, deer, roes, coyotes, etc.) Here are found three types of bears, including the famous grizzly.

In the Banff National Park you are waiting for mountain lakes and colorful underground sources of fantastic shades - from bright blue to dark green and light gray. One of the main attractions of the city is the hot spring bath (Banff Upper Hot Springs). Historical baths, built from the gray stone slabs of the Rundle Mountains, are open to visitors today. The complex also has an outdoor pool. It is an ideal place to relax after walking to the top of 700 meters. Finish your day with dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Lake Louise and the historic hotel (Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise) on the shore is an amazingly beautiful place. When you are there, all the time the feeling that you are looking at the picture in the photo album does not leave - so unreal beautiful view opens. The hotel itself is also quite beautiful - everyone can go inside. From the lake you can climb up the route - there you will find 2 more mountain lakes and cafes upstairs for the most persistent.

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Banff national park travel Canada. Canoeing trip. Couple Canoeing and Relaxing. Banff Lake Louise tours Canada.

Banff National Park is the first reserve in Canada with beautiful sulfur springs and three beautiful lakes

Thanks to its beauty, the park has won the hearts of Canadians and travelers from many parts of the world. It is on the UNESCO heritage list. Tourists from different countries of the world come here for a few days - in summer they can walk along mountain paths, take pictures of wild animals, go canoeing, go rafting and extreme tourism, in winter go skiing and conquer mountain peaks, etc. The park has a wide variety of options for hiking routes of different levels of difficulty.

Here you will be offered many kinds of sports entertainment with an instructor and without, group and single (kayaks, canoes, rafting, mountaineering, hiking, etc.) Restaurants, cafes and pubs here are many to the most different tastes and wallet. As in any tourist city, Banff has many souvenir shops. If you are traveling to Banff, be sure to take along good, durable sneakers and warm sweatpants and a jacket, or better special hiking for the mountains. No matter what time of year you go there, and that you are not going to conquer the mountain peaks (you still have to do this, otherwise it is impossible in Banff), the mountains do not like to joke.

Canada has a well-developed tourism industry. The Canadian government founded more than 100 national parks and historical sites in honor of those people and events that enriched the country's history. In the mountains there are many lakes and rivers, in which sturgeon, trout are found. You can travel on rafts or boats. Everything is perfectly organized. The equipment is rented, you can find an instructor for the time of the trip, fly to the desired place by helicopter.

The large share of North America in the global tourist movement is associated with a number of favorable factors. Including: favorable geographical location of the region between the three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic; vast territory, with extremely diverse landscapes, rich recreational resources, a variety of historical, cultural and economic objects; a high degree of economic development of countries, including tourist infrastructure, including all types of transport, which contributes to the movement and accommodation of tourists, the organization of service. An important role was played by the fact that for a long time after the Second World War, the USA was the leading capitalist country, along with Canada had the highest standard of living in the world. It should be noted that this English-speaking area contributes to the influx of tourists from almost all countries where they speak English.

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