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In the past, the city of Ayutthaya was the capital of The Empire of Ayutia

Over time, he became one of the tourist centers of Thailand. Ayutthaya is famous for its temples and ancient ruins. The center of attraction for travelers is the former royal residence of Bang Pa-In. The city of Ayuttai was founded around 1350 by the prince as the new capital of the kingdom of Siam, instead of the old capital Sukhothai, and remained so until 1767. During this period, thanks to the wise rule of monarchs, Siam became the most powerful and richest state in Asia, and the capital - one of the richest and largest city in the world.

In the 1700s, Ayutthaya's population was more than 1 million inhabitants. The city was built 400 temples, 3 palaces, and all this was surrounded by 12 kilometers of the wall. The cause of the fall of the city, as the capital, in 1767 was the arrival of the Burmese, who almost destroyed the city to the ground, leaving only the ruins. The Siamese army, as a result of fierce battles, still drove the Burmese out of the city, but the city was not subject to restoration as the capital.

Ayutthaya was the capital of the kingdom of Siam in 1350-1767. Guests from the West enthusiastically described her as "the most beautiful of cities that I have ever seen.".

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Bangkok, Thailand

Ayuthaya is one of the most significant sights of Thailand

If you fail to visit her while traveling around the country, then for the sake of Ayutthaya it is worth returning to Thailand again. In 1991, the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Many travelers compare Ayutthaya with Angkor temples in architecture and historical significance, although the scale and age of the ruins here are certainly not as impressive as in Cambodia.

The city of Ayutthaya itself is not very popular among tourists as an independent resort, and is most often visited as a separate attraction - the ancient capital of Thailand. Modern Ayutthaya has a large number of temples and palace ruins, which previously had little interest archaeologists. However, since 1956, excavations of some temples gave an idea of the true size of the city, which attracted archaeologists from all over the world to Thailand.

More than a hundred buildings and ruins have been recognized by historical heritage by the decree of Thailand's Department of Fine Arts. Restoration work carried out in the city with the financial support of UNESCO. Currently in Thailand there are a lot of interesting and unusual for European people holidays, traditions and colorful rituals: watering the monks' hands with water, putting gold foil on Buddha statuettes, releasing birds and fish, running kites, celebrating elephants, talking to the spirit.

In every Thai house, in the place of honor, you will see the image of the Buddha. Ancient manuscripts clearly defined how the image of the Buddha should be depicted. Masters were obliged to embody 32 basic and 80 auxiliary features of the saint in their works. Every young man who has reached the age of 20, according to tradition, must retire to the monastery to comprehend the teachings of the Buddha.

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