Barbados Sunset. Travel to Barbados

Barbados. Little England. Barbados. Treasure Island.

The most famous in Barbados are its beaches

If there was a competition for the most cheerful place in our land, Barbados would win with a very large margin: the weather is good, the trees are slender, the sand is white, the sea is warm. Today, tourists from all over the world visit Barbados to see the picturesque gardens of the tropics, five-star hotels, nightclubs and sprawled palm trees in the white sands of the local beaches.

Travelers who prefer to rest on the beaches with white, fine sand washed by bright blue waves and eager to enjoy their holiday in an endless series of happy holidays and bright festivals should be advised to go to the beautiful distant island of Barbados. It has everything that the most demanding vacationer may need. Geographically, the island lies away from the strip of hurricanes and the testimony of witnesses confirm this.

The symbol of Barbados is the beautiful flower Caesalpinia, "the red pride of Barbados". The island of Barbados is the cultural center of the Caribbean islands. Every year large-scale events are held in this country, such as carnivals, festivals, fairs, music and sports events. The Krop-Over Festival is held in honor of the sugar cane harvest.

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Barbados Sunset
The island is surrounded on all sides by beautiful coral reefs, from the west it is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and from the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean. The south of the island is where the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet. Two wayward elements crash in huge waves to scatter billions of spray. Surfers have long and firmly occupied this shore and saddled a capricious wave.

A trip to Barbados is a holiday on an island paradise

This exotic country is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. The best hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches of Barbados are located on the Caribbean coast. Rest here is suitable for those who love luxury, comfort, comfort and regularity in everything. Prices are appropriate. The best season for holidays in Barbados is from December to April.

The Atlantic coast of Barbados is wild, little explored, and full of the indomitable power of the ocean, to the delight of surfers. Perhaps the most beautiful landscapes are here and that Barbados, about which the adventure books of your childhood are written, can only be found on this shore. Here the nature is so majestic, the ocean is so grand and such huge waves that it is absolutely impossible to leave this coast. And let all the ships leave and all the planes fly away - on this shore you want to finish the cruise and stay forever.

The north of the island is a conservation area where you can meet all the animal kingdom of Barbados - green monkeys, turtles, roes, mongooses and various birds (parrots, hummingbirds, pigeons). Barbados is not rich in animals, but that which is is very carefully guarded from destruction. Here, too, high waves crashing against the rocks, the indomitable elements and the extraordinary attractiveness of the place, as well as the unconquered man.

Since Barbados has long been ruled by England, Portugal and other countries, it is logical that the kitchen traditions of all the conquerors affected the culinary dishes of the country, but the British had a greater influence. In most dishes, locals add spices and herbs (basil, thyme, marjoram, and so on). Most commonly used vegetables are asparagus and okra.

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