Austria tourism. Belvedere Palace, Vienna tours. Austria travel

Belvedere Palace is the summer residence of the Prince of Savoy

Literally, the Belvedere translates as "beautiful view." The panorama from the palace to St. Stephen's Cathedral and Vienna spread out below is truly beautiful

The Belvedere palace complex was built in the Baroque style by Lukas von Hildebrandt as a summer residence for one of the greatest commanders of his time, Prince Eugene of Savoy at the beginning of the 18th century. Nowadays there is a state national gallery in the palace, where works of great masters are provided.

The Upper and Lower Belvedere Palaces are located opposite each other, and together with the garden laid out around it form a magnificent Baroque ensemble. The Palace and Museum Belvedere in Vienna is the cultural heritage of Austria. Not only the external architecture "embroidered" with curls of Baroque, but also the interior of the palace complex is striking. Especially interesting is the priceless collection of paintings in the Belvedere Gallery.

Belvedere Garden is the first alpine garden in Europe. It was created in the vast park of Belvedere Castle in 1803 at the suggestion of the Archduke Johann. The garden was created by Bavarian architect Dominique Girard. It was laid in the Lower Belvedere, the garden was unfolded in strict symmetry along the central axis for the prestige of the buildings of the Upper Belvedere.

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Austria tourism. Belvedere Palace, Vienna tours. Austria travel.
Vienna is a beautiful city that has preserved the shape of the past: on the streets you can see horse carriages and hear the melodies of the great Mozart. It is worth coming here in order to stroll slowly along the Ring - boulevard encircling the city center, sit in a cafe, sip wonderful Viennese coffee, visit art galleries and admire Rembrandt's paintings. By the way, for the convenience of movement, you can purchase the Vienna Transport Card, which will reduce your travel costs.

The Belvedere Palace is rightfully recognized as a precious pearl of Austria, a real baroque example and architectural heritage of the country

This is one of those places in which you want to return, just to wander, look and shut up. It is through the palace complex you want to walk and listen to silence, history, art, culture. Sitting on the lawn, admiring the fountains, one can imagine how, along these paths, the ladies with gentlemen, rustling crinoline and silks, walked along these paths, playing waltz and balls roar somewhere in the palace.

Palace complex belvedere in Vienna is located on a hill and includes the Lower and Upper Belvedere. The lower palace was erected in 1716 by Prince Eugene of Savoy. It is located in a huge flowering park, decorated with flower beds and fountains. Currently, the two palaces housed the Austrian gallery. The gallery's art collection includes several thousand works representing eight hundred years of art history. The works of artists and painters such as Ruland Fruauf the Elder, Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, Ferdinand Georg Veldmuller, Gustav Klimt, Eric Giovanna Wedge, Egon Schiele, Helena Funke or Oscar Kokoschka are intertwined here in a multi-faceted dialogue.

Among the rest of the European countries, Austria stands out for its cordiality and hospitality. And resorts in Austria are no exception. There are all conditions for a memorable holiday, and at a reasonable price. The variety of resorts is amazing. Here you can find a suitable type of holiday for any category of travelers.

The most popular and popular tours in Austria are primarily associated with the capital. Many tourists want to walk through the streets of Vienna and get acquainted with the history of this city. So skillfully and lovingly executed everything that every Austrian landmark wants to stay longer. In the warm season, bus tours in several European countries with a stop in Austria are very popular. One of the most favorite tours in Austria is a visit to the Austrian medieval castles with visits to the most important cities. As a result, tourists will get a complete picture of this country and its culture.

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