Bora Bora resorts. Over water bungalows with amazing green lagoon. Bora Bora vacation

Romantic getaways. Bora Bora is great for anyone who loves a relaxing family holiday.

The island of Bora Bora is a volcanic caldera, in which a lagoon was formed, protecting the island from the violence of the elements

The lagoon itself and the diversity of marine life provide ideal conditions for water recreation. The island has an unusual shape of the peak of Mount Otemanu (728 m above sea level) and its smaller neighbor, Mount Pahia. On the island you can use the beach of any hotel: there are no private beaches here. On many local motu (small islands) built hotels with bungalows, standing right on the water on stilts. All the beaches on Bora Bora are very clean, you can even relax with small children.

Despite the well-developed infrastructure, Bora Bora is distinguished by its mostly unspoiled natural beauty. Here the coastal waters shimmer with all sorts of shades of blue and blue, then mixing with each other, then clearly delimiting their open spaces - there is dark blue water, and right next to it is a gentle azure. Diving is practiced in all corners of the island. Several local companies are organizing snorkeling. Interesting will be a boat trip, at the depth of underwater life is more diverse.

The island of Bora Bora is great for relaxing with your loved one. Sunny sky, warm emerald waters, a variety of aromas and a garland of fresh flowers of tiare - everything here has a romance. No wonder this heavenly spot is called the "Pearl of the Pacific Ocean".

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Bora Bora resorts. Over water bungalows with amazing green lagoon. Bora Bora vacation.

Bora Bora is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday

You will remember well the holiday spent in one of the bungalows, standing right on the water. Some Motu (small islands) surrounding the central island boast of such lightweight houses. On Bora Bora, surrounded by coral reefs 30-50 m from the coastline, there are more luxury hotels with swimming pools and chic beaches, tennis courts and golf courses, dive centers and pleasure boats than on all the other islands of French Polynesia. World celebrities love to relax here.

In the central part of the island is a mountain range with three towering points: Pachia, Mataihua and Otemanu. The latter is the body of a volcano that went out several million years ago. The museums of Gauguin, Tahiti and black pearls, as well as the colonial attractions of Papeete, coral gardens and fantastic landscapes of Bora Bora. For a walk through remote areas of the island you should go only with a guide, for inexperienced travelers impenetrable tropical forests are full of dangers.

Bora Bora is one of the most romantic places on the planet, which is why lovers and newlyweds choose it, dreaming of spending their honeymoon here, enjoying the stunning beauty of nature. The island's uniqueness lies in the fact that its lagoon, even with a gray cloudy sky and rain, remains invariably light, with an emerald shimmer.

To see all the beauty of Bora Bora and enjoy this amazing island in full measure is best for you during the study tours. All of them are very exciting and interesting. You can book one trip, and you can also have a 2-hour excursion mini-tour around the outskirts of the island. Excursions to Bora Bora, you can book in advance, but it is more profitable to do it on the island itself: in this case, the cost of excursions will be much lower.

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