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At the mouth of the width of the Amazon reaches two hundred kilometers, and the depth of a hundred meters. Even in the Peruvian city of Iquitos, three and a half thousand kilometers from the mouth, the depth of the river is more than twenty meters, so that ships come here

The great river actually lives in conditions of constant flood. The rivers of Amazonia are navigable for eight thousand kilometers. During floods, when the level of the Amazon rises another twenty meters, low banks become flooded 80-100 kilometers in the area.

In all the diversity offered by Brazilian tours, you should particularly highlight the journey around the Amazon. In the magical world of this amazing river, the channel width of which on average (just average.) Is over 5 kilometers, with a depth of 50 meters, you can go both on a modern ship and on a paddle steamer, which will allow you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of these places. The world's largest river island, located in the Amazon delta - Maragio Island, has an area of 48 thousand square kilometers, that is, greater than Switzerland or the Netherlands.

Brazil is not only a crazy carnival in Rio de Janeiro, impassable jungles of Amazonia and Iguazu rattling cascades, but also the famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, excellent hotels, excellent cuisine and great football. As it should be in a country with a larger area of mainland Australia, the medical resorts of Brazil cover almost the entire range of spa procedures. Here, various types of mineral waters, phyto and aromatherapy, therapeutic muds, sea baths, salt caves and other natural components are used as therapeutic agents, which contribute to the healing and healing of vacationers.

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Brazil travel. Guajara bay, Amazon river tours. Belem - Amazonian city. Brazil tours.

The Amazon has more than 500 tributaries. The huge mass of fresh river water carried by the Amazon, desalinates the sea 400 kilometers from the mouth

The fullness of the Amazon is explained simply: it flows almost exactly at the equator, and the summer rainy season that is usual for these places alternately occurs in the northern hemisphere (March-September), on its left tributaries, then in the southern (from October to April) - on the right tributaries.

The waters of the Amazon are called "white" - because of the huge amount of sludge carried by the river, the water becomes very turbid, opaque and appears light. In this regard, a very funny effect can be observed near the city of Manaus. At the confluence of the Rio Negru into the Amazon, the water of which, on the contrary, is very clear and, as a result, it seems almost black (hence the name of the river) the waters of these two most powerful rivers do not mix for long and 15 kilometers down the Amazon from Manaus you can see in parallel, in one channel, two multi-colored rivers flow.

The jungles of Amazonia, the gold of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the delicate aroma of coffee, the rumble of mighty waterfalls - all of this, like a magnet, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to Brazil. In addition, the beaches in the country are entirely with world famous names (Copacabana alone is worth it), the sea is warm and clear, and tourists always talk about Brazilian cuisine with aspirated women.

The country's leadership, private campaigns annually invest billions of reais in Brazil's tourism. And these investments come back a hundredfold. The level of service, infrastructure, technical support for which tourism is different today in this country is at the highest level, it is no worse than in Europe or North America. Along with the beauty of nature and a unique culture, this is what attracts millions of tourists to Brazil.

The possibilities offered by tourists to rest in Brazil are truly endless. Both beach lovers, naturalists, and those who like to learn the peculiarities of the life of the local population will find something to do here. And of course everyone will be able to visit the sights of Brazil, of which there are a great many.

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