Brazilian Carnival. A very nice Brazilian carnival dancer at Rio de Janeiro. Brazil travel. Eliminate stress

Top-notch adventure vacations you can afford. Rio is a city of passion and fun. Love rings in the air.

The legendary "Brazilian madness" in the fiery rhythm of samba is an event that the entire planet knows about. The famous dance procession

Its central event is the competition of 12 samba schools - tourists from all over the world come to watch. You can endlessly talk about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, picking up the most incredible epithets, but it's better to be part of it once. Everywhere there are "street carnivals" - costumed parades on avenues, embankments and squares of Rio de Janeiro.

Tours to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro are always popular and are of interest to travelers. They can be combined with a beach holiday in the tropical resorts of Brazil and an interesting excursion program. In the Brazilian Carnival, literally all the inhabitants of the country take part; this incendiary act attracts thousands of tourists into the country, infecting everyone with its temperament, enchanting fun, not leaving anyone indifferent.

Funny colorful processions with dances continue for 4 days, during which all shops and state institutions are closed not only in large cities, but also in tiny towns and villages in Brazil. The whole country is immersed in the sparkling fun atmosphere of samba, the riot of fantastic outfits, flowing music from everywhere and the smiles of hundreds of thousands of people, heartily enjoying the main holiday show of the country.

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Brazilian Carnival. A very nice Brazilian carnival dancer at Rio de Janeiro. Brazil travel
Every year the festival is increasingly gaining strength, reaching almost all parts of Brazil: songs and dances become richer and more diverse, new rhythms and "marches" that have become famous appear. The first costume ball was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1840, and the first samba schools that emerged in 1928 in Rio quickly spread to other cities. Cheerful Latin American samba style with incredible speed won all new fans.

Legendary carnival of local dance schools

Sambadrome - the venue for the world famous show. In the evening, you will attend a fantastic, grandiose spectacle - the long-awaited Carnival. All night you can enjoy this magnificent, stunning spectacle. Every year more than 300 thousand guests arrive at the Rio Carnival. Be prepared for the fact that hotels in February may be crowded. Just in time. You can see with your own eyes the amazing performances of the best samba schools in the country, give in to the energy of dance rhythms, appreciate the beauty of bright costumes and even try to join the brightest performances of the dancers.

Brazilian carnival is the personification of the Brazilian soul. The Brazilian Carnival (port. Carnaval do Brasil) is a nationwide festive festival, which has been held in Brazil since 1928 at the end of February each year, on Saturday, 7 weeks before Easter, on the eve of Lent (according to the Catholic calendar - 40 days before Passion weeks).

During this event, not only the streets of Rio are transformed, but also the neighboring cities of Salvador, Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and Recife. By the way, the mayor of Rio during the celebrations gives the right to manage the city to the King of the carnival for the whole 4 days. You won't believe your eyes. Cheapest places to travel. An event in the city of Salvador da Bahia even surpasses the carnival in Rio. Not inferior to him in scope and the carnival of the state of Pernambuco. He introduces guests to the complex acrobatic dance frevo. Performances in this style, as well as a parade of clubs Frevo can be seen at events in Olinda and Recife.

Carnival in Brazil is the largest national holiday, it differs from both European carnivals and carnival festivals held in other Latin American countries. In addition, there are regional varieties of carnival in Brazil itself. Today, Rio de Janeiro is called the city of the eternal sun and the capital of the Brazilian Carnival. Every year in February, Rio plunges into the "greatest madness", a riot of colors, rhythmic music and love. Under the fiery rhythms of samba, motley crowds of carefree people, dressed only in feathers and sparkles, indulge in a few crazy days of fun and revelry.

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