Argentina vacations. Old frigate in the Buenos Aires harbor. Neighborhood of Puerto Madero. Argentina tours

Why go to Argentina? The sights of Argentina can be listed endlessly.

Argentina is located in South America

The countries of Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil are its neighbors, their borders touching on the west, south, north and northeast. Only the Atlantic Ocean washes the shores of this state. The territory of the country is huge, it is almost three million square kilometers. The fertile lowlands are located in the central and western parts, in the north-west there is a huge high-mountainous plateau of Pune, and the plains are rich in the north. The rivers flowing through Argentina are Parana, Pilcomayo, Paraguay and others, they are long and winding.

Largely devoid of great cultural monuments, Argentina has such outstanding natural objects that many superpowers do not have. In the vastness of Argentina is located the famous Patagonia, mountains with glaciers, waterfalls, lakes and colorful hills. Numerous species of penguins can be seen in the south of the country and on the island of Tierra del Fuego. Argentina is such a big country that in one trip you cannot see even a small part of all the attractions that are available. Numerous tourists do not overlook the Argentine reserves, parks and gardens.

Immigrants from Europe strongly influenced the culture of Argentina. Following the Spanish people, the Portuguese, English, Italians and even Ukrainians, and therefore Argentine culture of a different nature, moved here. Every year various festivals and holidays are held in the country. The most popular festivals are Tango and Luis Palau. The birthplace of tango dance is precisely this state, it is considered popular for the inhabitants of this country.

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Argentina vacations. Old frigate in the Buenos Aires harbor. Neighborhood of Puerto Madero. Argentina tours.
The official language of Argentina is Spanish. You can use English in most hotels and in most tourist places. Having learned a few basic phrases in Spanish, you will make your trip to Argentina more enjoyable and simple. It is recommended to take Spanish lessons for travelers in one of the language learning centers, or use a computer program to learn the language. Many travel guides include a short language section, which can also be useful. Between September and May, the best weather for visiting this city is set in Buenos Aires. From June to August the weather is rather cool and overcast.

Any tourist who goes to Argentina necessarily visits Buenos Aires

Cities of Argentina began to appear in the XVI century with the arrival of the Europeans here; today, outwardly, they are quite noticeably different from other Latin American cities. The fact is that by opening unlimited emigration in the middle of the nineteenth century, Argentina thus allowed new citizens to change the face of the country: visitors from Germany, Russia, France, Spain and especially from Italy (the Italian diaspora here is very extensive and influential) began to build new buildings at their own discretion, thus replacing the Spanish colonial building with neoclassical and modern. In cities almost all Argentine life and all the most interesting is concentrated, and the first and foremost of them is, of course, Buenos Aires. It is safe to say that this is the most beautiful city in the country. Wide streets, historic houses, beautiful areas and of course hot dances are standard places for tourists to visit. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, whose inhabitants number over three million people. Many centuries ago, Buenos Aires was founded by the Spaniards, so the majority of the population speak Spanish.

The turbulent history has left numerous picturesque traces on the appearance of the city. It is not for nothing that they call it the "Paris of South America". Tours to Argentina are unthinkable without long excursions through the streets of the capital. If you translate the name of the Argentine capital from the Spanish literally, you get "Good air" or "Good winds". However - although the air here is really good - in fact, the city has a much more colorful name: "The city of the Holy Trinity and the port of our Lady St. Mary of the Good Winds". Naturally, the name was soon reduced to more pronounced, but the special role of the port has not gone away. Moreover, in Argentina, metropolitan natives are called "portenos", that is, "portman", "port residents".

Buenos Aires is located in the central-eastern part of Argentina, on the western coast of the largest bay of Rio de la Plata, on the opposite bank of which Uruguay is located. Buenos Aires is located quite close to the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is temperate, with clearly distinguishable seasons. Argentine cuisine is famous for its delicious meat and good wine. Meat on the fire is the main dish that is prepared in any cafe.

Beef here is the softest varieties, so the steaks are juicy and tasty. Argentine cuisine varies from region to region, but Hamburg and burgers remain unchanged, which are used in large quantities throughout the country. Wine lovers should definitely go to the north of the country, to the cities of Salta and the Jujuy region, because it is there that the vineyards and private wine factories are concentrated, which produces the best wine. Tourists have the opportunity to live in a private house with the owners of the factory and see with their own eyes the full preparation of wine, starting from its collection and ending with tasting.

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