Cannes tours. Luxury hotels. The Promenade de la Croisette aka Boulevard de la Croisette. Cannes vacations. France tourism

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Cannes is a legendary resort town on the Cote d'Azur, known primarily due to the most prestigious film festival in the world

Croisette is a showcase and the main attraction of Cannes, a luxurious and famous boulevard, which stretches for 3 km along the coast. It is even listed on the French Cultural Heritage List. Top-class hotels, shops of world famous brands, galleries and casinos are concentrated here. All along the embankment is decorated with tall palm trees and flowering public gardens.

Croisette begins from the old port and the Palais des Festivals, and ends with Cape Palm Beach. The Palace of Festivals and Congresses was opened in 1982. Because of its architecture, this complex of glass and concrete got the nickname "Bunker". Near the palace is the "Avenue of Stars", on its stone slabs the movie stars leave their fingerprints. In the days of the film festival, Cannes streets are crawling with the influx of people from all over the world. Crowds of fans gather on the Croisette, hoping to see at least out of the corner of their eyes famous film directors and movie stars climbing the famous Red Ladder.

Holidays in Cannes is a pleasure that is available to many, but in different senses of this concept. After all, as mentioned above, Cannes is a meeting place for celebrities of film and show business, aristocrats, politicians, athletes and simply wealthy people. Often they come here not only to relax, but also to showcase their new chic outfits, jewelry, yachts, sometimes even new wives, and with pleasure spend huge sums of money on entertainment, visiting the best restaurants and casinos.

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Cannes tours. Luxury hotels. The Promenade de la Croisette aka Boulevard de la Croisette. Cannes vacations. France tourism.
Here, even the beaches are reminiscent of the "branches" of five-star hotels, where the fee for renting a deck chair can reach 30 euros. However, there are in Cannes and democratic beaches, for those who do not feel the need for privacy from a large number of prying eyes.

Croisette Boulevard - the most fashionable embankment on the Cote d'Azur is always full of people

It is hard to imagine that until 1869, in its place was the usual country road. Only after the nobility began to come to these places to rest, the area changed, and now the most prestigious hotels face the Croisette, stretching along Cannes Bay from the harbor to the prestigious Palm Beach casino. Cannes beaches are bulk sand.

Most of the hotels are concentrated on the first line, and almost the entire coast along La Croisette is paid beaches. Only next to the Palais des Festivals is there a public beach where you can swim and sunbathe for free. The Carlton Hotel is considered the most luxurious in Cannes. It was built in 1909 and has 338 rooms.

Cannes is a small coastal town in the south of France. Its population is a little over 70 thousand people, but this does not prevent it from being one of the most popular resorts of the Cote d'Azur for more than one century. All over the world, such places where a large number of rich, successful and famous personalities are going to gather at the same time can be counted on the fingers, and Cannes today, of course, are among them.

On the one side, the city is a long sandy beach, and on the other, it is surrounded by the Esterel mountain range (Maritime Alps) and a chain of picturesque hills. Cannes is part of the popular resort area called the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur), which stretches 300 km along the coast of France. The landscape of Cannes is replete with palm trees, cypresses and legendary chestnuts. There are many landscaped parks, gardens and vineyards.

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