Capitol Reef Park, USA

Capitol Reef National Park in Utah, USA

The territory of the National Park Capitol Reef stretched almost 150 kilometers

Capitol Reef is located in central Utah closer to the south of the state. Like its famous neighboring parks, Capitol Reef is unique in its own way. And above all, the fact that among its red and white rocks grew a garden, and at the beginning of the 20th century there was a settlement here, called very simply - Fruta. Also in this park, tourists will see a large number of monolithic outcrops, canyons, domes (stone domes) and stone bridges, which are concentrated in a special area called Waterpocket Fold, a geological fold in the ground over 100 miles long.

Capitol Reef National Park is located in the heart of the "land of red rocks" of Utah, but it is located quite far from the usual tourist trails. Despite this, he is popular with all those who have an overwhelming desire to see the geological wonders of Utah: the unique formations that this state is famous for. On the one hand, Capitol Reef Park is a seemingly familiar lifeless (but extremely curious from the geological point of view) landscape of the southwestern United States, and on the other, among all these magical rocks, trees are already growing. And not just trees, but real orchards.

The park was named for the special Navajo white sandstone domes that resemble the Capitol. And the word "reef" appeared after the local landscape was compared to the barrier reef in the ocean, which is a natural barrier to further travel to these lifeless places. Prior to the arrival of Europeans in this region, the local Indians called Capitol Reef territory the "Land of Sleeping Rainbow" because of the geological palette of sedimentary and magmatic textures creating colorful canyons, ridges, hills and monoliths of the park.

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Capitol Reef Park, USA

Here you can find a rich palette of colors from white sandstone to bright red, red, greenish and brown

All this diversity is especially enhanced at sunsets and sunrises. The main natural tool that created all this beauty and worked all through to this day was water. Frequent floods and successive droughts replacing them for thousands of years built this fabulous country with colored canyons, expressive monolithic rocks and powerful ridges.

In the area of the Fremont River, named after the pioneer John Fremont, a pre-Columbian archaeological culture, called Fremont Culture and dated 700-1300 AD, was discovered. Native Americans of the Fremont culture grew lentils, corn, and local pumpkin varieties on irrigated lands, stored grain in stone barns, engaged in hunting and gathering. In the XIII century, due to a long drought, all the Indian cultures of this region underwent a dramatic change, the fields and settlements were abandoned. Petroglyphs carved on stone walls and painted pictograms now remain a sacred reminder of the ancient Indian sagas.

Fruita Area is the most tourist area of the park. Fruita Area offers a ride on a scenic road, stroll along fantastic trails, as well as get acquainted with the historical part of a small town. Waterpocket Dastrict is a fairly remote area, which in turn offers to join the posh Waterpocket Fold species, stroll along the trails and go to the wilder parts of the park. The roads here are not asphalted, but in good weather, you can easily drive a regular car. The weather is also better to check in advance before the trip.

The park is open all year. The most visited months - from May to September - are at the same time the hottest. When you visit Capitol Reef Park, always carry plenty of drinking water with you. The visitor center Capitol Reef National Park is located at the entrance to the Fruita section. There are no gas stations in the park, so do not forget to refuel in advance, especially if you plan to go to remote areas.

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