Capitolio, Havana. Best outdoor adventure vacation destinations on a budget

Cuba attracts tourists not only with white beaches, azure coves and coral reefs

Today, the Capitol is one of the most recognizable buildings on the Island of Freedom - Cuba

Tourists visiting the Capitol will be impressed by the scale of the building, its luxury, decoration, external and internal, unheard of in Cuba. The Havana Capitol is in fact very reminiscent of the world's most famous Capitol in Washington, and is even larger than it. The former residence of the Cuban Parliament is now a conference center and a place of residence for the Ministry of Science, the National Library, the Historical Museum, the Planetarium and the Museum of Natural History.

Under the leadership of Eugenio Piedra, the Renaissance Capitol building in Havana was built in three years and opened on Cuban Independence Day. The architect did not set the task to literally copy the building in the USA: the appearance of the Capitol resembles, for example, the Paris Pantheon, and in general is quite traditional for monumental buildings of the Renaissance; mainly for churches in the Italian Renaissance style.

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Capitolio, Havana

The capitol consists of three large buildings: one central and two semicircular side

Because of its height - from the base of the building to the dome - the Capitol hit the top three, after St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome and St. Paul in London. The sculpture crowning the dome of the Capitol is an exact replica of the bronze statue of Mercury, created in the 16th century and adorning the Bargello Palace in Florence. There is a beautiful garden around the Capitol building, the author of which was French architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, who was involved in the reconstruction of Prado Boulevard. Monuments to military heroes are placed throughout the garden.

What you need to know, going on a trip to Cuba, what dishes of local cuisine to try and what to bring with you? It is best to relax in Cuba from November to April. At this time, the island is always sunny, the average temperature of air and water is 25 degrees. In the Cuban cuisine are traced the traditions of Spanish, African and Creole cooking. Liberty Island is known for Caribbean rum and first-class cigars. With a check, you can take any amount of rum and cigars from Cuba. The capitol in Havana can be viewed from the inside on any weekday, entrance to it is paid, but on the balcony there is a small cafe.

In Cuba, not only stunning color, beautiful people, magical beaches, but also the most delicious food in the Caribbean. From croquettes with melted cheese and ham to sweet plantations - Cuban cuisine offers you rich tastes and amazing flavors. When you're in Cuba, be sure to order several dishes in order to get a taste of Cuban life.

Cuban dishes are simple and are available for home cooking. There are no complicated, elaborate culinary masterpieces in it. They mainly use meat, seafood, rice, beans, vegetables, local fruits. Prepare meals in coconut oil or coconut milk. Cuban dishes are flavored with sauces in different variations, while sauces can be made from fruits. Salt is rarely added to dishes. In Cuba, as in other countries, there are culinary preferences in different regions. For example, coconut and chocolate are loved in the central and western regions of Cuba. Spicy, spicy dishes are often found in culinary masterpieces of the eastern part of the island.

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