Turkey tours. Hot air balloon over rock formations in Cappadocia. Turkey vacations

Turkey is an absolutely magical country

Cappadocia in Turkey is the most unusual Turkish land, whose unique landscape was created after volcanic eruptions

As a result of wind, rain and frost in the volcanic tuff formed characteristic conical "chimneys", creating a truly lunar landscape. During the times of persecution of the first Christians, churches were built in many "chimneys", decorated with wall paintings. Over time, in parts of the hollow tubes, people began to build housing. Volcanic tuff made it possible to build underground cities, the largest of which is located in the city Derinkuyu. The underground city of Cappadocia consists of twenty underground levels and a complex of chambers of different sizes, connected by a maze of corridors. The center of tourist Cappadocia is the village of Goreme, not far from which there is a museum that gathered Byzantine monasteries, churches and chapels with frescoes of the 11th and 12th centuries carved into the rocks. There are many cheap hotels and guesthouses in Goreme. You can even spend the night in the "tuff chimney.".

Cappadocia is a separate fairy-tale country inside Turkey, very unlike the rest of Turkey. People here live in caves, fly in balloons, climb high rocks to admire the most beautiful sunset, drink Cappadocian wine (yes, Cappadocia is a wine region) and count unusually bright stars that you can probably reach. Every season in Cappadocia is beautiful in its own way. There is transport all year round, museums and underground cities are open, you can fly in a balloon, sit on the terrace, look at the rocks, eat meat in a clay pot and drink wine (the best of Turkish, by the way).

Every year an increasing number of tourists choose Turkey as their holiday destination, and for good reason. After all, the rest here is quite cheap and, other things being equal, you can relax in the Turkish resorts longer than in Europe. Yes, and service in hotels in Turkey at the height. The most popular resorts are: Kemer, Alanya, Side, Belek, Marmaris, Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kusadasi and Didim.

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Turkey tours. Hot air balloon over rock formations in Cappadocia. Turkey vacations

Turkey is several different countries in one country. In Cappadocia, you come primarily for the extraordinary "alien" landscape: craters, volcanoes, rocks, cave cities - all this is a true miracle of nature, which resembles a beautiful oriental ancient tale

Cappadocia in winter is snow-capped peaks of rocks, melodious howling of the wind in the caves and the absence of crowds of tourists, and in Kayseri there is a ski resort. In the spring - these are flowering trees, lush greenery, bird singing, music festivals, many romantic couples who came to the honeymoon. In the autumn - colorful leaves, colorful balloons, great Cappadocian wine, comfortable temperature and no rain. In the summer - outdoor pools, where you can swim (there is no sea here), noticeable pleasant coolness of caves and juicy vegetables in your Turkish breakfast in the fresh air.

It should be borne in mind that Cappadocia is considered a cold terrain by Turkish standards. It is often windy here, and it is cold in caves and underground cities, so you should always take warm clothes with you in season (even in summer, take a sweater, it can be cool at night). On the way to Cappadocia, you can visit the old city of Konya, which houses the monastery of the Order of the Dancing Dervishes and the tomb of Mevlana, the founder of the order.

Turkey is an amazing country, organically combining the features of European and Eastern cultures. Its rich history has left remarkable monuments from the ancient period to the times of the Ottoman Empire. It is located between the East and the West: here mosques coexist with churches, and Roman cities with Hittite settlements. It is a secular republic, with the majority of its inhabitants being Muslim. This is a country where you just need to travel, and not least thanks to the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Tourism in Turkey is the most profitable and developing sector of the economy, providing prosperity to many Turkish citizens. This unique country is located at the junction of Asia and Europe and ranks sixth in attendance in the world. Every year, about 35 million people come to rest in the Turkish resort areas, and this figure is constantly growing. Tourism in Turkey is represented not only by all-inclusive hotels, but also by a wide range of historical and natural attractions, the legendary hospitality of the locals and rich national heritage. Delicious Turkish cuisine, characteristic music and folklore, unique monuments of nature, architecture, history, impressive beauty of the Turkish coast, the highest mountain peaks, picturesque rivers, lakes and valleys, the ruins of ancient cities and much more makes Turkey an interesting tourist area, the source of the brightest impressions.

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