Travel Australia. A Replica of Captain Cooks Endeavor docks at the Darling Harbour, Maritime Museum. Sydney tours

"Endeavor" was an ugly, but strong vessel with excellent seaworthiness

At the end of August, the 26th of 1768, the ship Endeavor left the port of Plymouth and headed for the shores of the island of Tahiti

Bark Endeavor descended from stocks in 1764 in the city of Whitby in Yorkshire and bore the name "Earl of Pembroke" (Count of Pembroke). The main mission of the ship was to be the transportation of coal. But in 1768 the ship was acquired by the English Admiralty, then it was chosen for his expedition by James Cook and renamed "Endeavor".

The purpose of the first expedition of Cook was astronomical observation of the passage of Venus through the solar disk, but other sources, not without reason, argue that the main reason for this voyage was the search for the southern continent. England needed new colonies, because among all the dominant countries of that time a serious struggle for new possessions was in full swing. It also required to explore the east coast of Australia, which was unknown at that time.

In April 1770, Cook reached the eastern coast of Australia and anchored in the bay, where many unknown plants were discovered. Cook called this bay Botanical. June 11, 1770 "Endeavor" ran aground and significantly damaged the skin. The hole was plugged with a sail, the ship required a major overhaul. But it so happened that the Endeavor was cut off from the coast of Australia by the Great Barrier Reef, and the ship with a hole in the board had to go 360 miles to go around the reef. Because of this, another discovery was made - a strait dividing New Guinea and Australia was discovered.

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Travel Australia. A Replica of Captain Cooks Endeavor docks at the Darling Harbour, Maritime Museum. Sydney tours.
Information about the fate of the Cook after the trip is contradictory: according to one version, Endeavor was sold to a French merchant, renamed La Liberte (Liberty) and transferred to North America, according to another version, the sailboat simply rotted off the Thames, and then disassembled. In honor of the famous sailing ship "Endeavor" in 1971, the command module of the ninth manned spacecraft "Apollo-15" was named. And in 1993, the water was lowered a replica of the legendary sailing ship, built by John Longley.

James Cook revealed that New Zealand consists of two islands separated by straits. Later this strait was named the Strait of Cook

Australian beaches are worthy of loud praise: the clear waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the purest sand, developed infrastructure - the perfect combination for relaxing with pleasure. The most populous areas are concentrated on the Gold Coast near Brisbane. The most fashionable local resort - Main Beach with expensive restaurants and a whole range of marine entertainment. Surfers Paradise fully justifies its name: the best place for the conquerors of the waves simply can not be found. Broad Beach is more democratic: it is quieter, more comfortable and, which is important, cheaper.

The conquerors of the waves have long considered Australia their second home: only here you can ride on the board at once through two oceans - the Pacific and the Indian. Surfers pile on the southeastern and southern coasts of the continent. Popular destinations are the Gold Coast (the Snapper-Rocks waves are the longest on the planet), Cape Bellarin in Victoria, the beaches of Cape Fleurier in South Australia, Trigg Island near Perth and the beaches of Tasmania Hobart. However, Australian-style surfing can be done without leaving far from civilization: beautiful waves are caught on the Sydney coast. There are also numerous surf schools and a lot of specialized shops.

The Australian sun is very active. In the first days of your stay in the country, it is better to avoid direct sunlight, to use protective creams and to put on light white cotton clothes (this, by the way, will help avoid overcooling in highly air-conditioned rooms typical of Australia). Sunglasses are recommended at all times of the year. One should swim only on the most calm in terms of currents and waves of the coastal areas, marked with green or yellow-red flags. Monochromatic yellow or red flags mean an increased danger - it is better for inexperienced swimmers not to climb into the water.

You should not walk barefoot through the grass and walk in the parks at dusk - in Australia there are poisonous insects and snakes active at night. You should also be extremely careful when dealing with marine life. When traveling to the states of Queensland and the Northern Territory, it is recommended to use mosquito repellents and protective nets: mosquitoes can be the carriers of such dangerous diseases as Dengue fever and Ross fever. Before traveling to Australia, it is better to be vaccinated against yellow fever, which is carried by insidious mosquitoes. Vaccination against tetanus, typhoid fever, diphtheria and rubella will be useful, although there are no serious threats to health in the country.

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