Caribbean vacations. Woman relaxing near palm tree on a Caribbean beach. Exotic vacations

For many centuries, the islands of the Caribbean have attracted travelers from all over the world. Romantic weekend getaway ideas.

For those who plan to go on vacation in the tropics, the Caribbean is an inexhaustible source of beauty, secluded corners and adventure

A unique mix of cultures has developed in the Caribbean - here the influences of the Dutch, British, French and local cultures are mixed. Choosing a trip that includes the Caribbean, you give yourself a unique opportunity to improve the body in the maritime climate and get a lot of impressions. Each island has its own unique nature.

Tropical forests are replaced by volcanic landscapes, coffee plantations alternate with thickets of bananas and sugar cane. And all this is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, warm and beautiful all year round. Sailing in the Caribbean is absolute freedom, romance of piracy and unique nature. Traveling on a yacht will allow you to see the forgotten white beaches and beautiful tropical landscapes, to get acquainted with the colonial past of the islands and the original locals. You are waited by magnificent rest, the most beautiful beach, with the turquoise small waves rolling on a golden sandy beach.

They say, looking at aquarium fish, you can restore peace of mind after a hard day's work. You can make sure that diving is much better. Diving will show you amazing things in a completely calm environment. Contemplating in silence the beauty of the underwater world gives tourists the peace of mind that they are looking for.

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Caribbean vacations. Woman relaxing near palm tree on a Caribbean beach. Exotic vacations
Unforgettable vacation awaits those who travel to countries whose territories are washed by the Caribbean Sea. Due to the exotic nature, the heavenly climate and fabulous views, the Bahamas attract many couples in love, ranging from newlyweds to old people - there is no more suitable and beautiful place to enjoy each other's company. The island of Mayaguana is considered the most exotic and virgin place: there are many fishing villages, wild beaches and caves that can be explored. And the seabed abounds in coral rhymes and even wrecks. Therefore, lovers of outdoor activities and diving with pleasure choose this place.

The Caribbean islands are distinguished by a special diversity of flora and fauna, both land and marine ecosystems

The Caribbean can offer a huge number of routes: in this region there are many inhabited and uninhabited islands, so everyone can find the perfect direction. The advantage of yachting in the Caribbean is the ability to combine it with other types of recreation and numerous entertainment - diving, sea fishing, acquaintance with local cuisine.

The Caribbean is a paradise for lovers of a good holiday. The idyllic waters of the Caribbean are as if in a different world, time and space, separated from the boundless, mysterious and sometimes violent Atlantic Ocean by intoxicating splashes of volcanic islands. Russian women all over the world are known for their beauty. Many cruise companies organize routes in this region.

Huge opportunities for exciting pastime on the Caribbean islands are offered by large liners of the most innovative companies: Royal Caribbean Int., MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line. Holidays in the Caribbean of a higher class are offered by Premium and Lux class companies on the ships Seabourn Quest, Prinsendam, Celebrity Eclipse, Crystal Symphony.

Aruba is an island nation created for an unforgettable vacation. Unlike the Bahamas, this tourist destination is not so advertised, but it can offer travelers many luxury vacation options: for those who, apart from appeasement, need a drive, there is a varied nightlife here, every hotel has a casino, there are a lot of bars conceptual restaurants. Tropical maritime climate awaits tourists all year round. The nature here is no less fantastic than in the Bahamas: clear water, picturesque beaches, many of which are adapted for diving, surfing (including wind and kitesurfing) or snorkeling.

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