Castle, Germany. Katz Castle (Burg Katz) above town of St. Goarshausen and Rhine River

The valley of the romantic Rhine. Unforgettable vacation trips to castles in Europe.

By the most conservative estimates in Bavaria, about 300 castles

Katz Castle is an ancient castle above the German city of St. Goarshausen (Sankt Goarshausen) in Rhineland-Palatinate, a historical monument of its era and witness many important events over the centuries. The first castles began to appear in Germany in the 10-12th centuries. They were erected to protect the feudal lords and their property from the attacks of their neighbors. The central building of the castle constructions was considered to be a quadrangular or circular watchtower, which was surrounded by a powerful wall. Castles symbolized the power and power of the feudal lords, and the tradition of building them on high hills strengthened the protective functions.

The magnificent castle stands on a ledge of rock, under which the waters of the River Rhine (Rhine) flow. From the windows and from the walls of the castle offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings and the beautiful valley of the Rhine. Not far from the Katz castle is his brother, the Maus Castle (Maus Castle), and on the opposite bank of the river are the ruins of the Rheinfels Castle. Bavaria is a great place to relax. This region is not only the most developed in Germany, but also the richest (most of the richest people in Germany live here). Due to its no less rich history, there are a lot of castles of different centuries in the territory of Bavaria, which are stunning with their beauty and medieval atmosphere.

Castles are a symbol of the Middle Ages, they for centuries have fascinated not only lovers of history and architecture. On no other continent, except Europe, you will not find so many beautiful monumental castles, which are evidence of past, past eras.

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Castle, Germany

It was the local people who gave the name "Cat" to the castle in St. Goarshausen, which had actually originated as Neu-Katzenelnbogen Castle in 1371

Katz Castle was built around 1371 by order of Count Wilhelm II Katzenelbogen. In 1806, Napoleon's troops subjected the castle to shelling, and in the late 19th century, from 1896 to 1898, it was rebuilt and underwent a major overhaul. The place for the construction of a small, but impregnable castle was chosen unusually well - it was impossible to get close to the fortress from the river.

Soon Katz became the official residence of the Counts Katzenelbogen, and in 1435 one of the owners of the castle first planted Riesling grapes in their vineyards, from which the German winemaking tradition began. In 1989, Katz Castle was put up for sale and acquired by Japanese companies for 4,3 million German marks, becoming a hotel.

The Bavarian region of Germany is famous all over the world for its beer of excellent quality and excellent cars, but the advantages of the German region do not end there. Due to the numerous castle complexes, Bavaria is often called the country of castles and fortresses.It is worth noting that in most castles photo and video shooting is prohibited.

In Europe, scattered many medieval castles, which many centuries ago were intended to shelter and protect the families of feudal lords. Nowadays, castles are silent witnesses of royal dramas, the fall of great houses and historical events. Now, in winter and summer, tourists visit ancient fortresses in order to see their magnificence with their own eyes.

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