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The first fortress was built in the ninth century in the river valley of the Dordogne

Today, Chateau de Val is the most well-preserved medieval castle of Auvergne

The castle often changed its owners, and each of them tried to bring here something of their own and modify the building to their own taste. Once the Chateau de Val was surrounded by a large park, today completely flooded, but now there is a beautiful lake near the castle. The castle hosts interesting excursions, visitors are shown a film about the creation of this fortress. On the second floor of the castle are exhibitions of paintings by contemporary artists. Climbing the fortress wall, you can admire amazing views of the Dordogne River.

In the summer, tourists ride a boat, as well as entertain with concerts of jazz, folk, pop music. On weekends in May, June, September, and every day in July and August, salutes are arranged in the castle of Val. At the castle there is an excellent restaurant "Le Relais du Chateau de Val", which offers amazing panoramic views of the surroundings. The interiors of the castle attract tourists with well-preserved interiors, because it was almost not subjected to destruction, and even preserved the original roofs and ceilings.

France is a country not only of beauty and love, but also of majestic architectural structures - castles. They are unique monuments of the rich and vibrant history of this country. It's hard to imagine a more romantic place than a classic French castle. This is a real living fairy tale, an alluring mystery and a temple of art at the same time. The walls of French castles keep many interesting secrets, they embody the whole history of the country with its wars, crusades, palace intrigues and balls.

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France tours. Castle in Val. France travel.

Chateau de Val stands on a small peninsula formed by the Dordogne River, on the border of Auvergne and Perigord, in Bort-les-Orgues, a cozy and small town

The most interesting architectural element of the castle is the building of the Gothic Chapel of Saint Blaise, the fifteenth century, located in the courtyard. Today, it was equipped with a cinema in which you can watch a documentary film about the architectural changes of the castle in its entire history.

In 1946, the Val Castle was recognized as the "Historical Monument of France", but then it was decided to build a dam here, and the castle was bought from the owners, who took everything they could from here. However, the dam construction project was canceled, and the castle was sold to the city of Bor-Les-Orgues. The chapel of St. Blaise became the official historical monument since 1961.

Castles of France occupy a special place among world sights. First of all, the Loire Valley, the architecture of the palace complexes and the beauty of the park zones framing them are interesting. French monarchs were able to surround themselves with luxury and delights. The legacy left after them is the golden fund, amazing places that attract tourists.

Some majestic buildings became residences, others turned into museums, and some went into private hands. The rich history of each castle allows you to trace the main milestones of the past throughout the country. Such beauty does not do without restoration work, so that the appearance does not tarnish and please both local residents and guests. They are carried out with extreme caution: it is impossible to allow the original appearance to disappear or to change too much.

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