Italy vacations. The Cathedral of Palermo, Sicily. Italy tours

Sicily is truly many-sided. Sicilian historical sites.

Paradise Sicily is the place where epochs, cultures, picturesque landscapes and unique culinary traditions are closely intertwined

The coast of Sicily is great for relaxing by the sea. A family with a child will surely also like the resorts of the province of Trapani. Here two towns are most popular and developed from the tourist point of view: San Vito Lo Capo and Marsala. October is the time of sightseeing in Sicily. For holidays in October, it is preferable to visit large cities with their developed infrastructure and prices that are steadily declining on the eve of the winter season.

In antiquity, the island bore the mysterious name "Trinacria". It was given to Sicily by the ancient Greeks, noting that the coast is washed by 3 seas: the Mediterranean (Ragusa, Agrigento province, Taormina resorts), Tyrrhenian (Messina, Palermo, Marsala), Ionian (Syracuse, Catania). Each coast is beautiful in its season. And this must be taken into account when deciding when and where it is better to go on holiday in Sicily. In May, spring reigns on the island with might and main: at this time it is not crowded on the beaches, as it is too early for swimming, and tourists try to use sunny days for excursions and trips.

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Italy vacations. The Cathedral of Palermo, Sicily. Italy tours.

If the purpose of the journey is to get acquainted with the historical past of Sicily, then there is no better place than Palermo

Palermo never lacks tourists. In high and low seasons in the province of Palermo, foreign speech is heard with the same frequency. The city, founded in the 8th century BC, is crowded with historical landmarks. In Palermo, a large number of architectural attractions and the opportunity to combine a cultural program with a beach holiday in Mondello, considered one of the best beaches in the vicinity of Palermo.

In September, comfortable weather in Sicily. In September, you can combine a beach holiday with a tour of the surrounding attractions. Experienced tourists are advised to rent a car and drive around several Sicilian cities. In order to accurately determine where to rest in Sicily, you must clearly imagine the purpose of the trip.

That is what you have to navigate, going through the magic and mysterious names of cities and provinces of the island in your head. Professional divers do not seriously consider Sicily as a base for diving. But beginners and those who only plan to study at one of the specialized schools will be fascinated by the island. A lot of animals live in its waters, and besides, divers are attracted by: amazing transparency of the sea, diverse bottom relief, grottoes, caves and tunnels, unusual underwater flora. The most interesting dive sites are in the Zingaro nature reserve and the small village of Scopello.

The island of Sicily is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. It is extremely popular among Europeans, and for most Italians it is a favorite place for spending summer holidays. The place is popular as one of the sunniest and friendliest places on the continent. It has a very beautiful architecture, exotic nature, beautiful beaches, tasty and healthy southern cuisine and everything you need for a lazy summer vacation without haste and excessive dynamics.

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