Cheget Freeride Heaven

Cheget is the most famous Caucasian ski resort in Russia

The famous mountain range of the Caucasus Cheget is located 5 km from the highest point of Russia and Europe - Elbrus

Cheget annually attracts many tourists - those who love rock climbing, mountaineering and, above all, alpine skiing. The highest mountains of Cheget are Donguz-Orunbashi (more than 3,750 m high) and Azaucheget-Karibashi (more than 3,400 m). Rest here is inexpensive, and mountain views are absolutely stunning. In good weather, two snow-covered peaks of Elbrus are visible from here.

If you really want to learn how to ski well or at least check how good your skating technique is, try Cheget. The tracks of Cheget are probably the most difficult in Russia, and even by European standards are heavy. First, the elevation difference on them often exceeds a kilometer. Secondly, along the tracks there are a variety of obstacles, quite dangerous. For example, these are stone blockages without snow cover, lack of marking. There are no snow cannons on the tracks.

Every skier or snowboarder over the years comes to the realization of his favorite place of skiing, where he eventually begins to drive constantly and every year. Cheget can please the skiers with a good selection of hotels. Yes, there are not very many of them, so it's better to book rooms in advance. Almost every hotel offers its own sauna or bath, as well as a cafe. Another significant plus of Cheget hotels is the location in relation to the ski lifts. Guests will have to walk no more than 5 minutes to the lower station.

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Cheget Freeride Heaven
Some may not like the open chairlifts 50 years ago. But believe me, there is a special charm in this: slowly climb up the mountain admiring the surrounding types of snow-covered pines, on which you can sometimes meet squirrels, on these untouched, and most likely already touched and rolled snow-white slopes, which directly attract you. You look to the left, and there is the handsome Sevenka Glacier. You will look to the right, and there is the majestic Elbrus, decorated with elegant hats of clouds (from here Elbrus is very pleasant to me). You look back, and there is an amazing view of the meadow and the gorge from a bird's eye view.

Alpine skiing complex "Cheget" began its work in the middle of the 20th century

The country's first cable chairlift on Mount Cheget began work in 1963. The long and relatively steep highway Cheget has rightfully earned the title of one of the most difficult in the Soviet Union. The construction of a chairlift at the Cheget ski complex promoted the development of skiing. Since then, the ski complex "Cheget" has won world fame, and the track on Cheget has established itself as one of the most difficult ski slopes in the world. Dashing young people ride Chegat, for whom puzzling descents and wild adrenaline rush are more important than hotel staff smiles and room amenities.

No matter how well you can ride - you are always a student of Cheget. The worst slope of Cheget is the northern one. Here are going mainly those who hone the technique of freeride. The southern slopes are gentler. In any case, whatever slope you choose, do not deviate from the route, so as not to get lost. One of the most famous descents of the people is called the "Dollar", and it is not famous in the best sense: it is a real test for every leg muscle.

Cheget is like first love, having been here only once, you will never forget it and do not wash away these memories with any European glamor - Cheget will stay with you forever. For skateboarders, experts recommend the slopes in the south, where they are waiting for the wide and steep fields, as well as the descent along the northern route "Dollar". However, it should be borne in mind that they are under the supervision of the control and rescue service due to their avalanche danger and are often closed.

Only one small section of the slope for beginners is a 350-meter green track, equipped with a yoke on the highest section of Cheget. Below, from the station "Cheget-3", begin the red and black tracks, so there is no great reason to learn to get up on skis there. In one ski season, a huge number of injured tourists are recruited on Cheget. Take safety very seriously and don't ride alone.

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