Chesler Park, USA

Canyonlands in the USA - National Park in Utah

How to spend half a day in Canyonlands Park

The territory of Canyonlands Park is composed of sedimentary rocks and includes many canyons, flat mountains, called here "mesa", and canyons of the Colorado River (Colorado River) and Green River (Green River), reaching a depth of 2000 feet (610 meters). Canyonlands is a "high desert" (high desert) with a height difference of 3,700 (1,130 m) to 7,200 (2,195 m) feet above sea level. The gorges of this park are not much inferior in size to the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon) and for many tourists seem much more picturesque.

Canyonlands is one of the best places in the world, where you can see the classic landforms, formed as a result of geological processes. Most of the modern understanding of the principles of geology was formed in the late 1950s, when geologists first studied the Colorado Plateau, recreating the history of the Earth in this amazing corner of the planet.

The territory of Canyonlands National Park is open to visitors all year round. However, in summer it is too hot, and in winter it is rather cold. If snow falls or rain falls, then walking along the trails becomes quite problematic. Therefore, the most comfortable months to visit the Canyonlands National Park are the end of April and May, as well as September and October.

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Chesler Park, USA

The US government has granted these territories the status of a national park, and for more than half a century they have been protected by law

Canyonlands National Park is a wild area located between red rocks in the heart of the Colorado Plateau. Picturesque landscapes, arches and monoliths. charming wildlife, almost untouched by man. The deep rivers of Colorado and Green that cut deep canyons in the Colorado Plateau, as well as the original atmosphere of the spirit of the Wild West.

A great opportunity to stroll away from modern civilization or take a trip on an off-road vehicle on various dirt roads. Canyonlands is a paradise for photographers. In an ever-changing light, the colorful landscape provides endless possibilities for photographing. Illumination during sunrise and sunset adds a vibrant color to the rocks of the national park.

Scattered clouds make the photos expressive, and thunderstorm lightning often adds drama to images. If you want to meet the sunrise or watch the sunset in Canyonlands Park, then in advance find out the time of sunrise and sunset on your own or in the visitor center. Ride to meet the dawn to Mesa Arch.

At sunset, it is recommended to be at the Green River Overlook or the Grand View Point to admire the change of canyon lighting by the rays of the setting sun and the onset of dusk. You can also go to one of the hills - to the summit of Aztec Butte or to Whale Rock, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the park and its surroundings. There are many interesting Indian pictograms in a separate area around the Horseshoe Canyon.

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