Cook islands travel. Crystal clear water and white coral sand. Aitutaki lagoon, Cook Islands tours

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The long chain of 15 islands that make up the Cook Archipelago lies at the very heart of the Polynesian Triangle and is almost not spoiled by mass tourism, therefore the combination of Polynesian culture and untouched nature makes an unforgettable impression

Island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is replete with virgin jungles and volcanic peaks. Holidays in the Cook Islands attracts newlyweds and travelers who want to experience all the delights of luxurious exotic relaxation. Magnificent reefs and extensive atolls, beautiful sea fishing, white sand beaches and low volcanic mountains of the southern group covered with lush greenery, a leisurely pace of life of the islanders and friendly people are the main attractions of the Cook Islands.

The magnificent Aitutaki Island lagoon of the island attracts those tourists and their fellow travelers who enjoy snorkeling and diving. Sea cruises and a trip on catamarans around the bays of the island will not leave indifferent any traveler. At Aitutaki, vacationers will find interesting routes for hiking and sightseeing tourism. Exploration of underground galleries in the atolls of Atiu (Atiu atoll) or Mauke (Mauke atoll) will interest cavers.

In addition to the sea beach holiday on the islands, the most interesting and memorable entertainment will be diving, of course, because the underwater world is replete with its diversity of marine inhabitants and bright colors. If you come here in the period July - October, then you will see the migration of whales, which are floated by numerous herds past the islands.

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Cook islands travel. Crystal clear water and white coral sand. Aitutaki lagoon, Cook Islands tours

Cozy Polynesian villas and spa hotels in combination with luxury beaches create ideal conditions for a carefree honeymoon

The friendly atmosphere and entertainment complex provide comfortable family trips to the Cook Islands. The islands have excellent conditions for hiking, scuba diving, caving and trekking, as well as being a beautiful yachting region. Millennial history, rich culture, crystal clear aquamarine waters, kilometers of sandy coast and rich green landscapes - what else can real heavenly lands look like?

The traditional cuisine of the population of the Cook Islands was shaped by the traditions of the Polynesian peoples, in which European trends were recently incorporated. The basis of local cuisine is primarily seafood and root vegetables (breadfruit), vegetables, cereals and spices. Due to the fact that the islands have been isolated for a long time, unique islanders' recipes have survived.

The remoteness of the islands and their geographical location significantly influenced the indigenous composition of the islands, they are inhabited, mainly, by the ancient Maori tribes. These tribes originate from New Zealand and Polynesia. A small percentage of the indigenous population are people from mixed marriages with Europeans. Since Christianity was being implanted in every way, it is the main religion, in its different interpretations.

The largest island among the entire archipelago is the island of Rarotonga, and most of the inhabitants of the islands live on it. The main city of the archipelago is Avarua. The basis of the island economy is tourism and agriculture. Recently, offshore banking has begun to gain a large scale. The islands are grown for export shipments of citrus and coconut.

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