Cordilleras mountains. Peruvian Andes

Cordillera Blanca. Ishinca mountain. Climbing in Peru.

Geographically, the mountains in South America are designed in such a way that from almost any mountainous area you can reach the Pacific Ocean within a day

Also available are the jungle in the origins of the Amazon. The population speaks Spanish and Quechua, English is limited - in large cities serving employees of hotels and travel agencies. In Peru, the road network has been extensive since the times of the Incas.

In Peru there is a beautiful mountain range - Cordillera Blanca. Refugio Ishinca (4390m) - this shelter works year-round. GPS does not find satellites in the shelter area. The valley of Ishinka with the dominant peaks of Urus Este, Ishinka and the beautiful Tokjaraha is one of the most popular and relatively easily accessible areas of the high part of Cordelier Blanca.

Located in the upper reaches of the gorge of the same name, the peak of Ishinka has been popular for many years as one of the most accessible peaks of the Cordelier Blanca mountain system in Peru. The height of the peak Ishinka - 5530 meters above sea level - this is a very serious mark, comparable to the height of the highest mountains in Europe. However, Ishinka compares favorably with its distant alpine and Caucasian counterparts, a combination of factors such as: consistently good weather throughout the season - from May to September; transport accessibility - from a place where a regular car arrives; hours, and this despite the fact that all the cargo rides on donkeys.

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Cordilleras mountains

Climbing the mountain Ishinca will be remembered by an unusually comfortable path and a picturesque gorge

Climbing Mount Ishinka is usually much easier for climbers than climbing, for example, Elbrus - this is because the oxygen content at the latitude of Peru is significantly higher than in the more northern or more southern mountain systems of other continents. In general, if you add up all the virtues of Ishinka peak, then from an inconspicuous and rather ordinary mountain, which in Kordeler Blanca is an uncounted number, we get almost an ideal object for climbing ascents, offering for climbers all the elements necessary for a beginning climber.

A significant height, amazing views from the summit, technical elements, albeit not complicated, but quite obvious - climbing along easy rocks, crossing the glacier, the need to work in bundles, climbing with ice axes along the snowy steepness at the slope - all these elements make climbing Ishinka an unforgettable climbing event, especially if for you, as for many climbers on Ishinka - this is one of the first climbing adventures in a climbing career.

South America. The road to the Cordillera Blanca area runs along the ocean coast. It is as picturesque, and so monotonous. On the one hand - the boundless ocean, white surf, on the right - sandy or rocky desert with single, often black, as if charred, cacti. Conventional insurance policies do not cover mountain trips of any categories of complexity. You need a separate sports insurance.

The tourist potential of South America is huge and is used quite widely. Lovers of many destinations will find a lot of interesting things here: historical values, magnificent festivals and holidays, unusual cultures and ethnic groups, unique nature untouched by civilization, historical values, extreme rest and much more. Before the trip, tourists better explore local features and take care of precautions.

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