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Genoese Citadel. La Citadelle de Calvi.

The Genoese Citadel is an imposing fortress located not far from Calvi

The citadel, which is surrounded by massive Genoese walls, is famous for the fact that in 1794, the famous Admiral Nelson lost one eye here during the storming of the citadel. From the walls of the ramparts offers a gorgeous view of the city. The area of the citadel is of great historical importance for tourists.

The construction of the citadel was begun in 1378 and was completed after 1530 with the erection of the bell tower. The citadel hides behind its walls numerous streets that carry historical value, elegant two-story galleries and the bell tower of the Holy Cross. The bell tower was built in 1547 to accommodate here the crucifixion of Christ, which was found by fishermen in 1428. The museum of military affairs of Corsica was also built here. The museum contains many unique exhibits.

Over the centuries, she has seen many major attacks. Inside the walls do not miss Caserne Sampiero, which was the center of power for the Genoese administration, as well as the Cathedral of John the Baptist. His most famous relic saved the city from the Saracen invasion in 1553. The citadel has five bastions. Semper fidelis - this phrase, carved on the wall of the fortress means that the city, regardless of who owns Corsica, will always be faithful to Genoa, and not its rival Pisa.

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Travel France. Citadel of Calvi in Corsica. France vacations.

From the citadel overlooking the sea beautiful color

Tourists regularly take diving from the city. Canyons, cliffs, club life and cocktails - everything is in Corsica. Every summer, interest in this French pearl of the Mediterranean rushes up. According to legend, it was on Corsica that Christopher Columbus was born. Calvi is currently one of the most typical cities of the island. Streets with steep climbs will lead you to the citadel - from where, from a bird's eye view, the whole city and the bay are clearly visible.

Mandatory sights include the oratorio San Antoine, Calvi Cathedral and the old palace of the Genoese governor. On the way down - in search of a place where you can soak your throat, tasting sea views, do not miss the house where Christopher Columbus was born. Do you want to stretch your legs? Embark on a walk through the hills of La Revellata, on the edge of the island, where you can see streams here and there, and along the coast with white sand and turquoise water. If you want something more serious, climb to the highest point of the city - to the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra - from where there is another absolutely breathtaking view of the city and the bay.

Where to stay? It all depends on your plans. If you want a lot of beach and a little "look", then it is better to stay away from the center, near the city beach Trottel. The historic center, restaurants, entertainment, museums and shopping on foot for about twenty minutes. On the city bus just a few minutes. If your plans only beach, then is it worth it to go so far? Nevertheless, if you have already arrived, it is better to settle outside the city, next to some good beach (there are many of them, like hotels). You can't reach the city on foot, only by bus or taxi. You can even settle in neighboring Ajaccio Porticcio (it's on the other side of the bay), but it's still further. For example, the boat floats half an hour. Porticcio is a pretty village and solid beaches.

There is nothing to do in Corsica without a car. If you set a goal for the minimum number of days to drive around the maximum number of seats, then there really is nothing. But if you set your goal for your pleasure to lie on the beach, swim in the cleanest sea and enjoy the nearby beauty, then you can do without a car. With her, of course, it is more convenient and cheaper, but if someone does not want to rent it out of principle, is afraid of mountain roads or does not know how to drive at all, then this is no reason to refuse to visit Corsica. But if you are going to Corsica without a car, please remember: you will not be able to explore the whole island. You should not even try. Calm down, read the guidebook and make a decision: which particular area of Corsica would you like to explore more carefully.

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