Curved bridge, Norway fjord. Why do tourists love Norway

Travel to the fjords of Norway

Norway's many fjords have long attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world

There are various tours with romantic names offering to visit this unique natural monument. When a tourist hears the word "fjord", he probably draws in his imagination magnificent high mountains and peaceful waters, because you have often seen such pictures in networks and magazines. Definitely mountains and water - this is what will take your breath away forever! Some Norwegian fjords are on the UNESCO World Heritage list because have important cultural and natural significance.

The best time of year to visit the Norwegian fjords is from late spring to early autumn. Although due to the warm sea currents navigation in this region is open all year round. The fjords are beautiful and invariably delight tourists in any weather - in spring, when the slopes of the mountains are covered with flowering trees, and in winter, when unapproachable rocks covered with snow and ice hang over the water - this is the realm of trolls. In Norway, many sights begin with the word "most." The largest fjord in the world is Sognefjord, the impregnable cliffs of which attract photographers seeking to capture the unique landscape of its inaccessible shores.

The famous fjord - Geirangerfjord is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its amazingly beautiful waterfalls, breaking down from the cliffs directly into the sea water. The most famous waterfalls are romantic names, supported by ancient legends - Seven Sisters, Groom, Bride Veil. Neurofjord Fjord, which is also a World Heritage Site, whose shores sometimes converge to a distance of less than 300 meters, and tourists sailing on a ship feel as if in a tunnel. In general, fairy-tale stories and epics accompany travelers along the whole route through the Norwegian fjords - how else to explain this unearthly beauty created by nature.

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Curved bridge, Norway fjord
Norway is a fantastic country. The rich and diverse nature, the huge reserves of energy resources and their reasonable development make Norway an extremely wealthy nation. The population of Norway is negligible - they do not reach up to 5 million people. More than 1.5 million Norwegians live in the capital Oslo and its suburbs. Any city with a population of more than 30 thousand is considered large. Most Norwegians speak, write and read English perfectly. Children learn the language from the age of 5-6 or earlier. Any child over 10 can easily explain to you in English. Norwegians love and appreciate the sea. They prefer to live no further than 200-300 meters from the water, or in its direct visibility. Those who live in the depths of the country, still buy a second house by the sea. Boats or boats have 80% of the population. The stories that Norway is a very expensive country are true.

Sea cruise in the fjords of Norway is an unforgettable trip to a magical country

Sea voyage can not be compared with any other type of tourist recreation. But one thing is when for several days the endless expanse of water stretches overboard, and it is quite another when a snow-white handsome liner glides along the dark blue water among the unique northern landscapes of Norway. A cruise on the Norwegian fjords is an opportunity for tourists to visit not only the northern capitals, but also small Norwegian towns and villages that have a special charm. There are so many beautiful places in Norway that it's simply unrealistic to collect all the rave reviews of tourists. Anyone who has visited these northern latitudes, do not skimp on the praise.

Bergen, the former capital of Norway, is called the "Gateway to the kingdom of fjords" because it is located on seven hills and seven fjords. Kristiansand is famous for its fish market and many cozy restaurants with excellent local cuisine. In this journey, tourists will get to the northernmost city of Europe - Hammerfest. Of course, it is impossible to list all the unique monuments of nature in Norway. It is best to go on this trip yourself and bring vivid impressions and interesting stories for all your friends and acquaintances from the cruise.

Norwegian Fjords is a unique tourist destination. The majestic beauty of the nature of the northern edge is fully revealed in Scandinavia, but only in Norway do you have the opportunity to admire the narrow sea bays surrounded by high mountains. Norwegian fjords - an amazing and beautiful world, full of surprises and pleasant discoveries. Only here you can simultaneously see the snow-capped peaks, the bright colors of the gardens, the blue expanse of water, high waterfalls, picturesque mountain ranges and striking rocky forms.

Norway has an incredibly changing climate. Fog, sun, harsh wind, rain, and again fog can take turns with fantastic frequency. "You do not like this weather? wait 15 minutes." The nature of Norway is majestic and diverse. Forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, the sea, and everything else will remain in pristine condition. Attitude to nature is very careful. No poachers, almost no rubbish either. Thanks to the sea there are no mosquitoes and other insects. Summer is not hot. It is a paradise! By law, any resident of the country and her guest has the right of unhindered passage to all natural resources without restrictions - both in the forest and at sea. You can walk and swim wherever you want. If the land is private or fenced, then it is advisable to ask permission from politeness. Products in Norway of the highest quality. Especially dairy.

Sea and lake fishing in Norway is a paradise for the connoisseur. Fish and a variety of marine animals are an incredible variety. Regions of industrial fishing are only in the northern regions, and starting from the city of Bergen and to the south there is no industrial fishing. You can always catch something in any weather, almost anywhere. Crabs, mussels, sea snails and other goodies are also in abundance. Fishing licenses are not needed. Norwegians do not collect forest gifts, do not understand mushrooms and berries, do not know the properties of herbs. Therefore, in a good season of all this stuff just dammed. In a productive year, there are so many mushrooms that in 2-3 hours one person can collect a 100-liter bag of selected white mushrooms. Blueberries, wild raspberries and blackberries grow everywhere like a weed.

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