Delicate Arch, Utah. The image of this natural arch flaunts all Utah car license plates

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park in Utah, USA

Arches National Park is one of several dozen national parks in the southwestern states of the United States. It is not as huge as Canyonlands or Yosemite, but incredibly beautiful

The Delicate Arch is located in Arches National Park near the city of Moab, located in southeastern Utah, on the Colorado Plateau in the United States. This natural sandstone arch has been a symbol of the entire state for many years. If you come to Arches National Park for a few days, you can afford to go everywhere, including the park section called Primitive Loop or Devil's Garden, which is located on the outskirts of Arches National Park.

The Delicate Arch is a detached monolithic formation with a height of 19 meters, all its appearance resembling cowboy pants. And it is precisely such a nickname the arch has earned among photo amateurs in the States. It received its current name in 1933 during the expedition of Frank Beckwith. One leg of the arch is much thicker than the other, and its bright orange color looks absolutely amazing at sunset.

USA is a recognized leader in the global tourism market. They rank first in revenues from international tourism ($ 74.5 billion), second in tourism expenditures (65.6 billion) and third in international tourist arrivals (46.1 million trips). But international tourism is only a small part of the tourist market. A much larger share in it is accounted for by domestic tourism, also developed in the USA.

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Delicate Arch, Utah
Americans with extraordinary respect treat their own history and therefore carefully preserve their historical and cultural heritage in the form of memorials, historical and even theme parks. In the list of the National Register of Historic Places of the USA there are more than 50 thousand objects of historical value in the scale of the nation. Not all of them are visited by tourists, but many of them are popular objects of tourism.

Discover America: Arches National Park, Delicate arch

A special type of sandstone, Entrada Sandstone, formed in the Jurassic period 180 million years ago and characteristic of the terrain in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, and in parts of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, as well as in Arches and Capital Reef National Parks, in the state parks of the Valley of the Goblins and Kodhrom Basin, over time it was crushed, washed out and weathered with the direct influence of natural phenomena, which gave the Delicate Arch the current look. And of course, it is still changing, and after a while it will look very different than today.

A large variety of arches is scattered throughout America, but only in the Arch Park are they carefully collected by nature in a fairly compact area. So compact that it can be assumed that this US Department of Tourism has entered into an agreement with the forces of nature. But scientists claim that the Arches are formed over millions of years. If you come to see the Arch Park and you have only 2-3 hours, you should drive along the Scenic Drive (58 km long), which is laid through the Arch Park with several stops.

The USA is a large and diverse natural country. It lies immediately in six time zones - only Russia can boast a lot. It is not surprising that in such a large space there was enough space for the most diverse types of climate, natural zones and landscapes. Even adjacent states are characterized by a huge range of temperatures: from the "Siberian" frosts of Minnesota to the tropical heat of Florida and the absolute maximum temperatures in the California Death Valley.

In the United States, a tourist can go skiing and lie on a tropical beach or be in the endless forests, visit the tundra and the desert, go fishing on a quiet lake or surf in the ocean waves. He can see tornadoes, a volcanic eruption or a geyser, coral reefs and glaciers, high mountains and dizzy canyons and the dead brilliance of salt lakes. And all this within the same country.

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