Densus Church, Romania

Historical Orthodox Church. Travel to Romania.

Romania amazes not only with its mystical history, but also with its magnificent nature, landmarks and historical values

It is not easy to find another such country, known for the number of fairy tales and legends for the whole world. Romania is one of the most amazing countries in Eastern Europe. This is evidenced by the incredible beauty of the landscapes, the unique culture of the local population and the rich history with which many interesting places are associated. Romania is rich in amazing castles with original architecture.

Transylvania is the most popular region of Romania, famous worldwide for the castle of Count Dracula in Bran, the medieval towns of Sibiu, Brasov and Sighisoara, unique fortified churches taken under UNESCO protection, as well as unforgettable nature: forests and fields, snow peaks of Fagaras and many scattered here and there are ruins of ancient fortresses.

On the territory of Romania there are many mineral springs, and medical resorts - more than 160. The most famous spa resorts in the country: Tekirgiol, Baile-Olanesht, Covasna, Slanic-Moldova, Sovata, Baile-Tushnad.

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Densus Church, Romania

Historical Orthodox Church Densus near Hunedoara, Romania

Visit the church Densus in Transylvania, which is covered with mystery and legends. Densus, "spiritual center of the world", between heaven and history. The oldest church in Romania, where religious services are officially held today, in Byzantine traditions, is located in Densus, in the Hunedoara region. The Church of St. Nicholas, located 10 km from the town of Hateg, is the strangest monument in the country of Hategului.

The famous monument was built of stone polished by the Romans 2,000 years ago. George Galinescu (historian, writer, one of the most prominent Romanian literary critics) said: "The quaint church is made of marble and stone, collected in Sarmizegetusa. This "quaint church" is built of massive stone blocks and marble, using columns and statues collected on the territory of the Roman colony of Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa, which is located 10 km from Densus.

The history of the church, as some historians and authors suggest, began even before the Romans occupied Dacia. There is evidence that a Christian religious sanctuary existed in Densus long before the arrival of the Traian legions and there are allegations that before the arrival of the Romans there was a temple dedicated to Zalmoxis, which the Getae worshiped as the only god. According to Herodot, these most courageous and fair of the Thracians considered themselves immortal, because by their faith they do not die, but go after death to their god Zalmoxis.

For a long time, various kinds of research were carried out both in the neighborhood and on the territory of the church, but nevertheless the church monument continues to remain a mystery and keeps secrets. According to studies, the church has undergone numerous changes in its long history. The construction of blocks, river stones and materials from the former Roman capital in the province of Dacia - ceramics with Roman inscription, capitals, tombstones, sewer pipes - all this gives an unusual aspect that attracts, surprises and delights.

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