Devils Garden, USA. Arches National Park

The main attractions of the Park Arch

Devil's Garden Trail is the longest of all trails of the park

It provides a full immersion in the atmosphere of the park and offers to get acquainted with the whole galaxy of arches of various shapes and sizes. In fact, there are two trails - the main and the additional (Primitive Trail), which forms a loop. You can go either one or both. Arches National Park is a very bright and unusual park that will please fans of spectacular views and photographers, because you will not refuse him to be photogenic.

It is hard to imagine how nature managed to build such elegant and beautiful architectural monuments and collect them in one place. Arches National Park is located in Utah, USA, near the city of Moab. The park contains more than 2,000 natural stone arches, and the terrain is made up of monolithic sandstone rocks, in which hundreds of pinnacles of towers were formed, huge stone ridges protruding above the surface, and giant balancing stones. This wonderful territory with red rocks is unique, and its landscape is not repeated anywhere else in the world.

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Devils Garden, USA

In the Arches Park there are a lot of stones and rocks resembling all sorts of figures

This part of Utah is known as the Land of the Red Stone, but any shade can be found in the desert here. Some rocks are covered with "desert varnish" - a shiny film of salt remaining after the source has dried. You should spend more time on these trails, especially if you like to take pictures and you will stop and courting every interesting point.

Arches National Park is a collection of arches, windows, intricate sandstone figures and tourist paths between all this beauty. One of the key points is to be in the Arches in good sunny weather, because in this case all colors are revealed. In summer, in the Arches National Park, the sun warms up the stone terrain so much that it is almost impossible to be under the scorching rays for a long time. Therefore, going to the track, use natural shelters to be in the shade as long as possible and drink more water. The recommended amount is 4 liters per person for the whole day.

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