Dombai, Russian resort. Dombai is a popular Russian ski resort

Dombai is located in the North Caucasus, 190 kilometers from Pyatigorsk

The highest point of the resort is mountain Dombai-Ulgen, 4046 m above sea level. There are more than a hundred hotels, recreation centers and resorts in Dombai

The name of the resort Dombai means "bison" in Karachai, since in ancient times these largest animals lived here in herds. Thousands of tourists and climbers not only from Russia, but also from foreign countries visit this unique place. Guests of the resort will not be bored in the summer, as vacationers are offered rafting on the river, mountain biking, jeeping.

Dombai is considered a climatic resort, this is facilitated by the abundance of the sun, mild climate, the healing properties of mountain air. Every vacationer acquiring a ticket to Dombai gets an opportunity not only to "get infected" with activity, but also improve their health. Water from mountain lakes has a healing and rejuvenating effect; clean air heals lung diseases.

Dombay is not just a popular ski resort in Russia, but also a unique nature reserve, which is visited by tourists from all over the world. The developed infrastructure of the tourist facility allows you to receive hundreds of thousands of guests a year. In the winter season, Dombay is attractive for skiers, in the summer it is a tourist and mountaineering center.

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Dombai, Russian resort
People come here not only to relax, but also to train and compete. The main advantage of the resort Dombai - a unique nature, which is rich not only in majestic snow-capped peaks. Rapid mountain rivers and emerald lakes, the largest glaciers, pine and fir forests, many waterfalls - all these riches of nature regally rewarded this picturesque territory. 24 species of rare plants of the Teberdinsky Reserve are listed in the Red Book. In Dombay, as in many other attractive and mysterious corners of the Earth, there is a front side - a cafe, mulled wine, souvenirs. There is a secret - gloomy ravines, coniferous forests and raging rivers.

Eight cable-chair roads: pendulum, gondola and rope tows, equipment rental centers, excursions, restaurants, cafes, bathhouses, swimming pools

Come to Dombai and you will love him. The mountain resort Dombay (Dombay glade) is located on the territory of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, at the foot of the Main Range of the Caucasus Mountains. The famous Dombai glade is an object of Teberdinsky State Reserve, the area of which is 85 hectares. There is a glade at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level.

The center of this picturesque area is connected by three gorges: Alibek, Amanauz and Dombai-Ulgen, which is considered the highest point of the resort - 4046 m. Dombai belongs to the all-season tourist complex: from December to April ideal conditions are created for active skiing on the slopes, May - August is the time for hiking, early autumn is the velvet season, and only October and November are the calm season.

From the beginning of the 20th century, Dombai attracted climbers with his impregnable peaks. In the first twenty years, various studies and ascents were conducted, and after that, the territory began to expand and gain high popularity. The main feature of the ski resort is not only in the clean mountain air, bright landscape and developed infrastructure, but the uniqueness of this place and in the long ski season, which causes an unprecedented excitement among tourists. Therefore, the queue for cable cars is a normal phenomenon. Dombai is the place where all the rarest and most valuable is found.

Any resort, any region keeps a dozen secrets and back streets that are inaccessible to most travelers. For a long time, trips take place exclusively along the trodden trails, and there were no more adventures in them than the stars on an overcast night. Fortunately, once each of us deviates from the usual route, and this day can be considered his second birthday. Or, if you want, a day of immersion in a real, deep and joyful world.

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