Dragon Wall, ZhaoLing Tomb

Shenyang Beiling

Shenyang Beilin, or "North Tomb Park", is the hallmark of Shenyang and is a unique park complex, on the territory of which there are several extensive thematic areas

The central part of Beilin is formed by a memorial complex, including the tomb of Emperor Huang Tai Chi, who ruled during the Qing dynasty. The construction of the tomb began in 1643 and was completed in 1651, after which most of the emperor's relatives were buried in this place. In 1927, the PRC government decided to allocate a separate area for the tomb, and around the alley to plant trees. This event was the beginning of the creation of Beilin. At present, there is a pine forest with old trees, numerous artificial lakes, ancient pavilions, stone pavilions, sculptures of sacred animals and other historical sights, each of which is an object of historical heritage of China.

Tourists who visited Beilin celebrate its picturesque landscapes, well-equipped recreation areas and peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to relax away from the bustle of the city. In the evening, the park is illuminated with colorful illumination, and on a small improvised stage, interesting performances begin with the participation of the creative teams of the city. Every year, Beilin hosts various thematic events aimed at preserving and developing various types of traditional Chinese art.

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Dragon Wall, ZhaoLing Tomb
China is a magical country with a special culture, traditions and ancient history. Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world, whose age is about 5 thousand years. The very first written mention of it dates back to 4 thousand BC Chinese civilization originated in the basins of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. Here, in the settlements of ancient farmers, the first cities and state associations of China appeared. The history of China can be divided into three periods: 1. Pre-imperial China (Xia, Shan, Jou dynasties before 221 BC);. Imperial China (dyn. Qin 221 BC - dyn. Qing 1911); 3. New China (1911 - modernity).

Shenyan Baylin - Imperial Tomb

Shenyang is one of the largest cities in northeastern China. There are a lot of worthy tourist attractions in Shenyang: palaces and mausoleums of the 9th-17th centuries (some of them are on the UNESCO World Heritage list), museums, parks, a water park, exhibition center, where the achievements of robotics and information technology bring visitors to the fantastic future. Particularly attracts travelers Shenyang Imperial Palace.

Almost all the 70 buildings there were laid in 1625 under the founder of the Manchu Empire, Nurhaci. Among all the imperial palaces preserved in this country, Shenyang, by its historical value, is only slightly inferior to Beijing's Forbidden City. China knows how to create amazing parks. In Zhaolin Park, which is also called Shenyang Beiling, there is the tomb of the Qing Emperor Huantaizi and Empress Xiaoduanwen.

The territory of the park is huge, so some tourists examine it while driving on electric vehicles. But slowly walking on foot is still more interesting and more pleasant - there is a lot of greenery, small sculptures, openwork bridges. The Summer Palace of Shenyang is the largest water park in Asia, designed to simultaneously visit two thousand people.

There you can spend a great day all day enjoying various water attractions, playing bowling and all sorts of electronic games and satisfying hunger in one of the many cafes. There are so many sights in Shenyang that you need to develop a plan for their visits in advance so as not to miss the most interesting. Today in China there are more than 300 thousand hotels. A significant part of them is located in the center of large tourist cities. Hotels with a high level of service are also found in the province, which allows us to state that in this country you can easily find a place to stay, as they say, for every taste and budget.

Jewelry and bijouterie are popular souvenirs. Chinese gold is one of the best in the world in quality, and jewelry is durable and does not lose its original appearance for a long time. Fashionable women from all over the world, arriving in China, rush to jewelry stores, where they generously spend on silver and gold with pearl and jade inserts. Silver jewelry is notable for its low price policy. But usually the metal in them is bordered by glass and non-precious stones, so it is better to opt for products without crystals.

If you want decoration from more expensive minerals - you have to buy gold goods. Pearls in the PRC are mined in small quantities, but artificial is actively grown. Thanks to which you can find a large selection of pebbles of pink, bronze and silver shades, decorating accessories of stunning beauty. Jade will also be an excellent gift, as it is recognized as a talisman that brings good luck and does not require special care. Tourists bring home from Beijing and other cities old earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and brooches with jade inserts.

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