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The height of the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai is 828 meters, the number of floors is 163

The dream of almost all tourists in Dubai is to climb this magnificent and breathtaking building. From 16:00 to 18:00 - the most popular time (and the most expensive tickets). You can see the sunset, the dancing fountain and the lights of the night city. Burj Khalifa is a city in the city: there are offices, apartments, a hotel, restaurants, shopping centers, and so on. In front of the building is the famous dancing fountain that gathers crowds with its performances. A well-known shopping center Dubai Mall adjoins the skyscraper.

Stay on the 148th floor is strictly limited to 30 minutes. There is no time limit on the lower viewing platform. The cost of visiting the Burj Khalifa depends on the observation deck, as well as on the time of the visit. Burj Khalifa is located in the very center of Dubai, in the Dubai Downtown area. Next to the skyscraper is the station of the red metro line - Burj Khalifa. Entrance to the building is possible through the Dubai Mall.

Originally, the skyscraper was called Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower), but during the opening ceremony it was renamed Burj Khalifa in honor of the President of the United Arab Emirates. There are 3 separate entrances in the skyscraper - for tourists and visitors to viewing platforms, for hotel guests and for owners of apartments and apartments in the tower. An alternative way to visit the tower without queuing is to reserve a table in advance at the Burj Khalifa restaurant on the 122nd floor (called At.mosphere). Not separate dishes are paid, but the visit itself.

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Dubai attractions. Luxury hotels UAE. Holiday Dubai
Dubai is a fantastic city in which such money is concentrated, that people here realize their most courageous, sometimes crazy, but always super modern ideas and projects. This is a terrific oasis city that half a century ago looked more like a modest Bedouin settlement. Locals were engaged in pearl mining, and it was the only source of income, which also dried up as soon as Japan learned how to grow artificial pearls. But then an incredible thing happened - oil was found in the Emirates. And now it is the richest city in the Middle East, in which gold bars are sold in vending machines, like regular soda.

At the Top - this is the name of the most famous observation deck of the city

It is located on one of the upper floors of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. There is a recreation area, and the panoramic windows offer a stunning urban landscape. Also visit Sunset Beach. Beautifully furnished beach with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Soft golden sand and developed infrastructure made it one of the most favorite among tourists. Breathtaking places to go on first vacation.

1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai. Hurry to visit this landmark of the Arab metropolis. The local cuisine has absorbed the culinary traditions of more than 200 nations of the world. Try Michelin-inspired chefs, authentic Emirati cuisine and many variations of Arab street food. Also visit Palm Jumeirah Islands, Butterfly Park, Flowers Park, IMG Worlds of Adventure Theme Park, Lookout Burj Khalifa, Singing fountain, Dubai Opera, Dolphinarium, Zabil park, Aquarium, Zoo, Glowing garden, Moroccan baths in the Palace of Beauty, Desert safari, Oasis City Al Ain.

It is impossible to describe in words the fabulous beauty of the park "Dubai Miracle Garden", whose name is often translated into Russian as "Miracle Garden". The absolute unreality of the surrounding splendor is captured in bizarre forms, giant figures, fountains, palaces and patterns of 50 million colors. The feeling is that you are not even in a fantasy film, but in a cartoon - everything is so vivid, unusual and fantasy.

Over four kilometers of footpaths there are flower arches, all around, as far as the eye can see, everything is filled with flowers of all possible shades in nature, which skillful gardeners have given the most unusual shapes to. Castles, three-story houses, pyramids and hearts a few meters high, figures of peacocks and butterflies, and even huge active clocks are all vertical flower beds of perfect colors. The park has many beautiful fountains that relieve the scorching heat and improve the microclimate. All lawns are filled with emerald grass and flower beds, drawings, creating elegant patterns and whole artistic compositions.

Do you want to visit more than 30 countries in one day? "Unreal!" - You say. "In Dubai, everything is real!" - local residents and those tourists who have been to the "World Village" will answer you. Global Village is an exhibition and entertainment complex, the motto of which was the phrase "Where the World comes together" - "Where the world meets". And this is indeed the case: once in the World Village, you can familiarize yourself with the culture, traditions and crafts of almost 40 countries.

Each of them has its own pavilion, symbolizing national landmarks or culture: the pyramids of Egypt, the mosque of Pakistan, the pagoda of China, and the Indian pavilion is the largest and built in the form of a luxurious palace similar to the Taj Mahal. In each "national home" you will learn a lot of interesting things about culture and you will be able to purchase the goods that this country is famous for. Indian gems and cashmere, African figurines, totems and python leather, Turkish sweets and sheepskin coats. Here you can buy national clothes and handmade souvenirs at very low prices.

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