Easter Island travel Chile. Fifteen moais of different sizes. Easter island tourism Chile

The most impressive platform is Ahu Tongariki. There are as many as 15 moai in a row

Easter Island is a small piece of land formed by three volcanoes somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

A trip to the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a unique event. Mysterious moai and funny water races, fascinating diving, and the beauty of the local lakes - all this will forever remain in the grateful memory of curious travelers who visited the famous and mysterious Easter Island. According to the legends, the Moai themselves walked around the island.

Easter Island is quite small, the longest side is 24 km. The capital of Hanga Roa is located on the shore, and there are moai along the shore, there are several single statues on the town's territory, but not far from the cemetery there is a platform for Ahu Tahai, where there are 5 moai at once, another one buries its nose in the grass and a couple of singles towering away. It is near the Ahu of Takhai that the tourists gather in the evening to see how the sun sets into the ocean right behind the moai.

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Easter Island travel Chile. Fifteen moais of different sizes. Easter island tourism Chile.

Easter Island is one of the most distant from land islands at a distance of almost 4,000 km from South America

The mysterious island in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, which is protected by statues of moai. Passionate admirers of adventure and distant wanderings are not so easy to find exotic, little-known and mystical places in the gaining momentum of the 21st century. Even now, when traveling has become more accessible, only about 100 thousand tourists come here a year.

To get acquainted with the unique natural sights of this region, travelers, first of all, join in informative excursions to the picturesque Rano-Kau and the legendary Rano-Raraku. On these two famous volcanoes, a lot of very different myths are composed. The truth is that travelers do not get tired to admire the alien beauty of mystical-looking lakes located in their craters. There are no melting glaciers, rivers or underground sources on Easter Island. The only source of fresh water is rain lakes in the craters of extinct volcanoes.

Every year, Chile attracts about 3 million tourists from all over the world. This is a narrow long strip of land, on one side for 4000 km washed by the Pacific Ocean, on the other - guarded by a wall of impassable Andes. Due to this, the country has almost all climatic zones and natural areas, which makes tourism and recreation options incredibly diverse and interesting. Go skiing in the summer or enjoy the sandy beach in the winter? Easy!

After all, here you can easily make a trip from a cold winter to a hot summer, moving from the southern regions of the state to the north. That is why Chile is one of the most interesting and favorable countries to visit, and the fascinating natural landscapes and the innumerable variety of historical and natural attractions definitely will not leave anyone indifferent.

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