Egypt holidays. Two camels in the sand desert near pyramid in the Egypt, Cairo - Giza. Budget Egypt tours

Egyptian hotels attract hundreds of tourists for their low prices

The first and only surviving Seven Wonders of the World is in Egypt, these are the famous pyramids

On the plateau of Giza, which used to be a separate city, and now is the outskirts of Cairo, there are three huge pyramids and the Sphinx. You can go on an excursion to Cairo from Hurghada and from Sharm el-Sheikh. Egypt is a country with a rich and ancient culture. Millions of tourists come here every year to see the ancient pyramids, temples, museums of antiquities. Most of the attractions are concentrated in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. You can go on excursions by ordering them from the guide of your travel agency, which you will always find in the hotel. In Egypt, a large selection of hotels and hostels for every taste. Money and valuables must be kept in a safe. Cases of theft, unfortunately, occur in Egypt quite often. Currency exchange is best carried out in the bank.

Traveling to Egypt is a journey to the origins of civilization and culture, which has come down to us as a great heritage and valuable gift. It was in Egypt that one of the most powerful and mysterious civilizations arose, which for many centuries has interested scientists and travelers. The cuisine of Egypt is similar to the cuisines of all Arab countries. Meals are prepared with a large number of fragrant spices, the base is beans and rice. From national dishes it is worth trying pigeons with rice, couscous, ragout of lamb and vegetables, stewed beans with olive oil.

Egypt from time immemorial attracted tourists. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans came to look at the giant pyramids and the Colossi of Memnon. At the very beginning of the colonial era, first Napoleon, and then the British, plundered the treasures of the country, adding priceless artifacts of history to the collections of their national museums. Travelers reached out for the conquerors, and in the end a thin stream of curious enthusiasts turned into a stream of tourists who were sent on cruises along the Nile and were gathered to Egyptological lectures by enterprising Thomas Cook.

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Egypt holidays. Two camels in the sand desert near pyramid in the Egypt, Cairo - Giza. Budget Egypt tours.
Egypt is the land of mysticism and ancient history, the cradle of the civilization of the pharaohs, who left many descendants to descendants. The historical past attracts not only archaeologists from around the world, but also a huge number of travelers. Modern Egypt, whose capital is the multimillion Cairo (the largest city of the African continent) surprises with the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Mykerin, the Great Sphinx on the Giza plateau, the magnificent temples of Luxor and Carnac, the Valley of the Kings in Thebes, the architectural delights of Alexandria of the Hellenic period. For a detailed acquaintance with many of them tourists go on a tour of the Nile - the river, which became the source of life in the Egyptian desert.

Another Egyptian legend is camel riding

Egypt is the cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations in the history of mankind. For the vast majority of the inhabitants of our planet, Egypt is associated with the pyramids. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually visit one of the seven wonders of the world. The famous pyramid complex is located 25 km from the center of the Egyptian capital Cairo. It consists of three large, several small pyramids, the Sphinx, temples and tombs.

Few tourists have the chance to visit the Pyramid night show, or rather, the light and sound show, as the event is officially called. Egypt receives most of its income from tourism, so for an Egyptian, any tourist is primarily a way to replenish his wallet. Bargaining in the shops should be very aggressively - the price can be brought down several times. Bargaining is necessary deliberately, unhurriedly and without embarrassment.

It is Egypt tourism that is the main source of income for the country. Therefore, this industry is developing in every way. Resort cities are expanding to the maximum, modernized, are reaching a new level. It attracts crowds of tourists who gladly come here to relax. In this country, you can not only soak up the most beautiful beaches, but also see valuable monuments of different eras and civilizations. Cognitive, cultural tourism of Egypt will show you the temples of the pharaohs, monuments of the Middle Ages, as well as ancient Egyptian necropolises and other architectural works of art that conquered the world.

Your holiday in Egypt will be unforgettable if you put all your problems in the background and enjoy a pleasant stay. You expect not only beautiful cities, beautiful beaches, comfortable accommodation in hotels, but also amazing sights of Egypt, reserves, hot springs and much more. Those who buy without bargaining are not very respected in Egypt. Corals and shells, like other riches of the Red Sea, are considered a national treasure, and their export is strictly prohibited to tourists.

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