Paris trips. Skyline from Eiffel Tower at night. Paris vacation packages

Paris by night: view from the Eiffel Tower

Paris is so huge that there will be enough places to visit without fail for dozens of visits. What does Paris look like from the Eiffel Tower?

You want, you do not want, but once in Paris, any tourist begins to look for the Eiffel Tower. All the most interesting opens from the top platform, from a height of 276.13 meters. At this height, breathtaking. In addition, the top of the tower swings from the wind, and the wind itself is so strong that you feel yourself the conqueror of the Pamirs, no less. The tower produces an unprecedented effect when evening illumination is turned on.

The tower consists of three tiers-platforms, each of which is higher and less than the previous one. On the first and second tier there are panoramic restaurants. The third, the highest tier of the tower, is quite small. There is a small museum hall and a narrow passage that runs along the perimeter from which Paris is clearly visible.

France and Paris have played an important role in the life of Europe and the whole world for many centuries. Cultural property from all over the world was brought to Paris. History lovers will find interesting museums and sights here. For gourmets, lovers of delicious, gourmet food and good wine, France and Paris are the most suitable destination for travel. The French have always been considered lovers of delicious food and know how to cook delicious food.

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Paris trips. Skyline from Eiffel Tower at night. Paris vacation packages.

A view from a height provides an opportunity to better understand the city

The Eiffel Tower is the most recognizable architectural landmark of Paris, as well as the most visited and most photographed landmark in the world. Built in 1887, the tower was conceived as a temporary structure - it served as the entrance arch of the Paris World Exhibition of 1889. It was assumed that after 20 years, the tower will disassemble.

Paris is the most popular tourist city in the world. The most visited places in Paris: the world famous Eiffel Tower is the most visited tourist attraction in the world. You can climb the Eiffel Tower either by steps (up to 1792 steps lead up to the structure) or on one of the four elevators located in the tower supports. Tourists to climb the tower, for some reason, always choose elevators.

When buying tickets to stand in a live queue on the street is pure madness. On the tower's website, you can buy a ticket online, you need to print it (in advance at home or at the hotel reception) and present it at the entrance where visitors are waiting with tickets. Of course, buying a ticket online will not allow you to avoid the queue to the elevators. When buying a ticket, make sure that you have bought access to the upper viewing platform.

Paris is the center of the tourist world. Paris is the most visited attraction and the most popular museum in the world. If you have not been to Paris, then you should plan a trip to this city. For centuries, Paris was one of the centers of world art. It is still the world center of fashion. If you are interested in art, music and fashion, then you can find a lot of interesting things in Paris.

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