Fiji holidays - Fiji sunset after storm. Oceanic sunset on Fiji islands. Fiji tours

Here it reigns warm all year round, and you can bask in the transparent ocean waves

The Republic of the Fiji Islands is a country of 322 islands of Melanesia and Polynesia in the South-West Pacific. About 110 islands are uninhabited

Fiji's main attractions are, of course, the natural beauty of the islands. White sand, palm trees, amazing coral lagoons - all this creates an indescribable look of the islands. Newlyweds are very fond of Fiji, and many couples come here for the wedding to the sound of the ocean. The islands of Fiji amaze all visitors with extraordinary cleanliness and grooming. It seems that nature itself protects this luxurious corner of the Earth. Tropical forests are filled with singing rare birds. Aromas of unprecedented flowers, exotic plants, beautiful waterfalls - all these are Fiji islands. The islands of Fiji are equally positioned to passive contemplation of unearthly beauty, and to active recreation.

Fiji is a beautiful tropical country located in the Pacific Ocean, more precisely, in its southern part. The nearest countries are Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Tonga. Rest on the island of Fiji allows you to retire from the outside world. Here travelers can forget about the bustle of the city and enjoy the fabulous scenery. On the islands during a vacation in Fiji, you can snorkel, surf, ride a boat with a transparent bottom or visit the cable crossing in the monkey forest. You can rent a sailing brig and go sailing along the islands from several hours to several days.

The islands of Fiji are an amazing and unique place for tourism and surely fall into the top ten most exotic places on our beautiful planet. They are popular as an elite tourist destination for wealthy tourists, and to a large extent the reason for this is a great geographical distance from the rest of the world. It is clear that a person needs a lot of money only to fly a distance on an airplane, for example, from Europe or North America. From the very beginning, visitors are immersed in a world where life is slow, and people always seem to smile.

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Fiji holidays - Fiji sunset after storm. Oceanic sunset on Fiji islands. Fiji tours

There are all conditions for a wonderful sea holiday, ranging from beaches shining in the sun and ending with underwater hunting

The Fiji archipelago was discovered in 1642 by the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman. The islands of Fiji are characterized by a hot and humid tropical climate. The main attraction of the Fiji Islands is a magnificent tropical nature. Deserted sandy beaches stretch for dozens of kilometers. Here is a paradise for diving - the underwater world in these places will not leave indifferent either a novice scuba diver or an experienced diver.

Fiji is the place on Earth where the new day begins, where the inhabitants are the first to see the rising sun. Fiji is famous for resorts on numerous islands, beautiful views of the ocean and sandy beaches. It is here that the second longest coral reef ridge is located, which is second only to the large barrier reef off the coast of Australia. In aggregate, excellent conditions are ideal for developing tourism: beach on Viti Levu in Sunny Beach and Mamanuta Island, diving on Mamanuta and Naigani Islands, windsurfing on Viti Levu and Mamanuta Islands.

In addition to an active pastime among tourists, cultural tourism is also popular. Those interested can visit Fijian villages, explore their round huts, take part in festivals and traditional military dances. The archipelago of Fiji completely falls into the tropical climate zone, and because of its location among the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the local climate has an oceanic character. Most of the islands of Fiji are of continental origin. The formation of the rocks on which they lie dates back 40 million years.

Despite this, some islands in the archipelago are volcanic. The largest and most famous is Taveuni, whose last eruption was about 1500 years ago. The height above sea level varies considerably. Some of the islands barely protrude above the oceanic surface, but others rise as the average height of the mountains. In the northern part of the main island rises Tomanivi peak, whose height is 1324 meters.

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