Fishing in tropics. Tropical fishing without compromise

Many anglers have a moment when they want something new

Fishing tour goes well with vacation: coral sand, palm trees, blue sea, blue sky, bright sun plus blue and black marlin; sailboat; wahoo; dorada; dorado; yellowfin and doggy tuna; sharks; quaraxes (including Giant trevally, or Caranx ignoblis); red snapper; Bonito, barracuda; merou (groupers); job fish; fish- "captain"

The underwater world in the tropics is fantastically beautiful and of course you want to come back here many times. In a country with a friendly population, the language barrier is not a problem. You are interested in the services of the population, and the population is interested in your money. Fishing in the tropics has its own distinctive features. In the tropics, any fresh food that has not been specially treated will be unusable in a few hours. You should take with you all the ingredients necessary to prepare a raw fish dish.

One of the oldest food sources of people living in the jungle, selva, on the coast of the islands, was fishing in the tropics. There are special fishing methods that are unique to tropical conditions. The whole underwater life is usually concentrated in places of dramatic changes in the relief and where there was a strong current. Usually, of the three fish that have taken at great depth, it is possible to raise only one. Be careful - sharks may try to attack your trophy. Polarized goggles are good at seeing fish in shallow water. Australia is truly one of the best places to fish in a tropical climate. Here you can catch a variety of fish - in the depths and in shallow water, trolling and plumb, drop in on the reef and fly fishing. The developed infrastructure of fishing makes this place extremely attractive for traveling of this kind.

The water space of our planet is inhabited by about 20 thousand species of fish. The overwhelming majority of them are sea fish (more than 14.5 thousand species). The anthropogenic impact on the inhabitants of the seas and oceans affects much less, so the sea fish, according to sanitary and hygienic criteria, is considered to be much cleaner than freshwater. The consumption of fish meat in food prevents the occurrence of cancer, leads to a normal level of sugar, cholesterol in the blood.

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Fishing in tropics
Tuna fish is a unique product that combines the healthy qualities of fish with the nutritional and taste properties of meat. This sea fish contains so many vitamins and phosphorus that the leadership of American universities has introduced tuna dishes into the compulsory menu of canteens, in order to maintain the mental activity of students and teachers. French nutritionists on the level of hemoglobin and protein content compare the meat of this fish with young veal. But unlike beef, proteins, which are so rich in tuna, very quickly and almost completely (95%) absorbed by the body. Dutch scientists have confirmed the fact that eating only 30 g of this fish per day can effectively prevent many cardiovascular diseases due to the increased content of the natural complex of valuable omega-3 fatty acids 6. There is a valuable folic acid in the composition, which effectively reduces the level of "ominous" amino acid - homocysteine, which accumulates with age in the body and damages the walls of blood vessels. The Japanese, the main consumers of this fish, are the most graphic confirmation of the ability of tuna to preserve youth and prolong life.

Ocean fish prefer to cluster near underwater elevations (or spots)

One possible technique of such fishing is quite simple. A place is chosen where there is a stall to a depth from 5 to 20-25 m, where the coral reef turns into sand. Taking into account the wind and current, the boat becomes in such a way that the drift as long as possible passes along the edge of the stall. Then the anglers throw the popper in the direction of the boat and quickly begin to post. If the popper game has attracted one quarax, then the whole pack will, following his example, chase after the bait.

Therefore, even if the attacked fish missed, the wiring should not be slowed down, otherwise the interest of predators may disappear. The choice of gear and equipment for fishing in the tropics must be taken with special care. Ocean fish has very good eyesight and focuses primarily on the appearance of bait. The choice of the type of gear depends on the preferences of a particular angler: someone loves a tackle more delicately, someone more reliably.

Fishing on poppers is very interesting, you always visually see the bite, see the fish that goes to the bait. A good result is given by the popper during wiring. Uneven movement of the bait is more attractive to predators. One important thing you should not forget: you go to the tropics, where for half an hour the sun burns the skin, not used to the sun, to blister. Besides, the conservation of nature, for which people visit tropical islands, requires regulation of the number of tourists and the observance of strict fishing rules.

Tuna belongs to the largest commercial fish of the mackerel family. This fish is in great demand, thanks to extremely tasty and healthy meat. In addition, parasites in the tuna infest extremely rarely, which allows you to cook from it a lot of delicious raw delicacies. Some individuals reach 3-4 m in length and 500-600 kg of weight. Caught in 2012 off the coast of New Zealand by a spinning angler, the world's largest tuna weighed 335 kg. Tuna fish are excellent swimmers that can reach speeds of up to 90 km / h. In pursuit of food, they are able to quickly overcome huge spaces. Tuna keep large shoals. The red color of meat is due to the presence of iron-containing protein myoglobin, which is actively produced in the muscles during the "high-speed" movement.

Scientists have already figured out how a gradual increase in air temperature on Earth will affect glaciers, sea level and the animals themselves. It turned out that the consequences had already begun, and very frightening ones - the researchers announced that due to the increase in water temperature, the fish population decreased markedly. This affected the fishing industry: income from this business decreased, and residents of regions where it is necessary to rely more on seafood, run the risk of feeling a lack of food. Scientists combined data on fish populations with a map of the increase in world water temperature from 1930 to 2010. This allowed them to understand how warming has affected fishing over the past 80 years.

It turned out that the number of fish caught fell from 4% to 35% depending on the region. Regions that have been harmed most include the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the North Sea. The effects of global warming can affect the global economy and the lives of ordinary people. After all, about 56 million workers work in the fishing industry, and people in coastal countries are very dependent on seafood. Fisheries managers have already begun to suppress overfishing and look for ways to restore populations. Some experts believe that the problem can be solved by establishing new trade relations between winning and losing regions.

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