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Exotic fishing in the understanding of tourists is hunting for a trophy of exotic, unusual for us fish or fishing in an exotic, unusual way of fishing, or is it just an exotic destination - a continent, a country, an ocean, where there is always time and place for fishing. You agree that in most countries of the world you will not catch a marlin or a sailboat, Tiger fish or Alligator fish, you will not even see a dorado or grouper in most countries.

Fishing in Malaysia is a tropical paradise and a great place to fish. In Malaysia there are many places for fishing, both in the sea and in inland waters, teeming with various species of fish. In the tropical seas surrounding Malaysia, most species of tropical fish are found for sport fishing, including the king of the seas, black and blue marlin. Yellowfin, bicerpid and dog-toothed tuna live in deep waters, and there are many other fish popular among anglers, such as wahoo, giant karang, kobia, striped mackerel, dorado, barracuda, escolar, elagat, great seriola and sharks.

The rivers and lakes of Malaysia, surrounded by beautiful tropical forests, provide an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while fishing. In these virgin rivers amidst the rainforest, every angler can once again test his skills in extreme conditions. Malaysian red barb, wild giant snakehead and Hampala barb - all of these fish are very aggressive.

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Fishing tour, Indochina
Sea fishing in Pattaya, Thailand. To catch an exotic fish in the Gulf of Thailand, try fish soup, and then boast photos to friends - this is what a tourist can do, in addition to excursions, while on vacation in Pattaya. To boast exotic trophies, you do not need to be a professional in fishing. And the fish in the seas of Siam in bulk. Fish enough for everyone.

Fishing in Vietnam is one the most popular ways to spend time on holiday interesting and useful

Excursions to Vietnam. Excursions in Nha Trang - fishing on the lake. The fishing village is very close to Nha Trang. The complex of lakes allows you to freely move through the territory, from one reservoir to another. Pleasant freshness of the air, excellent landscapes and comfortable gazebos for recreation are very popular among families wishing to have a picnic in nature. Fishing in Vietnam is a guaranteed catch and tasty lunch cooked in the open air.

Fishing in Vietnam is a very common business for locals. Fishing boats are a colorful addition to many beaches, and tourists love to be photographed near the round "basins" and against the backdrop of the marinas with more serious vessels. But how about trying yourself as a fisherman in an unfamiliar exotic country? After all, fishing in Vietnam is available not only to professionals, amateurs can also get a rich catch.

The places for fishing largely determine its unusualness and in most cases predetermine the choice of an exotic destination. That is why anglers go on fishing trips. The amazing islands are located 700 kilometers west of the coast of Phuket. These are the Nicobar and Andaman Islands. A unique tectonic plate break that cuts the Indian Ocean into hundreds of islands with active volcanoes from Indonesia to Burma.

The relief of the bottom is so varied that there are places where a hundred meters from the coast the depth is already 1200 meters, and the depths between the neighboring islands sometimes reach 3500 meters - this makes the Andamans one of the best places left on the planet for trophy fishing. Due to specific depth drops, as well as a ban of local authorities on industrial fisheries, we can safely say that this is not just a place where a lot of fish come from the ocean to feed, but you can call this place "Fish House" - the place where it lives. A huge field for the action of a professional fisherman. That is why tourists call the Andamans "Fishing Paradise".

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