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Florence is a marvelous box, an unforgettable city, which hides the main treasures of the region of Tuscany

The history of the main city of the region of Tuscany began in 59 BC. er At that time, Roman soldiers, who had already served their time in the army, founded a new settlement, Florence (translated from Latin - "flowering"). Florence is a city with a rich history. It is known as the former stronghold of the Medici dynasty from the 13th to the 18th centuries. Until now, Florence has managed to maintain its leading position: this is the commercial, tourist and fashionable center of Italy. The "Cradle of the Renaissance" is what culture experts say about the city. The reason is simple: the Renaissance, which replaced the Middle Ages, was born thanks to the activities of Florence's prominent minds.

Florence is the most beautiful city in Tuscany. The administrative center of Tuscany is located in the colorful valley of the river Arno, surrounded by hills and plains. In comparison with the country's capital, the size of Florence is quite modest. It is crossed by smaller (in comparison with the Arno) rivers: Greve, Terzola and Munyon. Speaking of the country's historical and cultural heritage, Florence is often called the Italian cornucopia. The eventful past had a tremendous impact on the architectural appearance and memorable places of the city.

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Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio Bridge - a structure with an interesting history

The oldest bridge of Florence stretches over the narrowest part of the Arno bed. In the Roman era, on the site of Ponte Vecchio was his wooden twin, mounted on stone piles. At the beginning of the XVII century. Ponte Vecchio was known among the townspeople as the Golden Bridge. Travel to this corner of the country will delight tourists with all the possibilities for a good rest.

The environs of Florence are remarkable for their colorful localities: Arcetri, Vinci, Bagno-a-Ripoli, Fiesole, etc. Each has its own unique charm. Are you looking for a city where the historical spirit of the past is closely intertwined with the lively rhythm of modernity? Your road leads to Florence. The Academy of Fine Arts is the first art school in Europe.

It was founded in the middle of the XVI century in an attempt to preserve the cultural heritage of Florence. The painter J. Vasari became the initiator of the creation of the Academy. His idea was liked by the famous artists B. Ammanati and A. Bronzino. Significant support was provided by the Duke Cosimo I de Medici. In 1562 the Academy was placed in the building of the Basilica of Santissima-Annunziata.

Florence is a major world center of tourism, a beautiful city, the birthplace of the Renaissance and many inventions of humanity. The city of Lily, the City of Flowers, Florence is located in Central Italy and is the capital of the Tuscany region. Florence is located at the foot of the Northern Apennines, in the vast fertile valley of the Arno, bordered by picturesque hills, on the slopes of which in spring lilies bloom in abundance, giving the name to the city. Here two historical areas converge - Tuscany and Emilia.

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