Fubao village, Sichuan, China. The golden triangle of the tourist area Fubao

How to overcome depression naturally. Sichuan Province - the Pearl of China.

If you examine the UNESCO list, then the Chinese province of Sichuan is a truly blessed and wonderful region

It is not by chance that its second name is "The Country of Heavenly Abundance". As many as five sites in the province of Sichuan (China), UNESCO recognized as worthy of protection and being a world heritage. The Chinese province of Sichuan is the birthplace and largest habitat of cute black and white bears - big pandas. The third part of all these bamboo bears living in the world lives in the territory of Sichuan. Here, in nine national natural parks and seven reserves, they were provided with all the conditions for living and breeding.

Sichuan Province is famous for its beautiful historical sites. Ancient legends intertwined with unusually beautiful nature. Sichuan is a place where, in addition to enjoying nature and historical sites, you can enjoy the taste of real Chinese mountain tea. Almost the entire territory of China, with the exception of those belonging to the tropical belt, as well as the island of Taiwan, is included in the East Asian (Japanese-Chinese) floristic region of the boreal kingdom of the Holarctic kingdom.

This region is extremely rich and diverse: there are about 20 endemic families and more than 300 endemic genera, not to mention the huge number of endemic species. This area is at the same time one of the main centers for the development of higher plants, especially gymnosperms and flowering ones, and relic forms, "living fossils", for example, ginkgo biloba, containing valuable medicinal components, also grow here. The tropical regions of southern China, including Hainan Island, belong to the Indochina region of the Indo-Malaysian kingdom of the Paleotropic kingdom, in which there are more than 250 endemic genera.

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Fubao village, Sichuan, China
More than 2 thousand edible plants grow in China (in general, it should be noted that the criterion of "edibility" of a particular plant is very relevant in Chinese culture). Among the more than 3 thousand medicinal plants, the most valuable are the Changbai Ginseng, Tibetan safflower, Ningxia Licium, pinnatifolia ginura, which grows in Yunnan and Guizhou. China is famous for its flowers and ornamental plants. "The king of flowers" is considered to be a peony. A tree-like peony with its large, bright, multi-petal flowers is one of the national symbols of China.

A lot of impressions await you in Fubao parish of Luzhou city in Sichuan province

China has always been famous for producing good leaf tea and is the world leader in this business. Sichuan Province is no exception. The cultivation of tea here began from time immemorial. Many Chinese associate the cultivation of tea in Sichuan with favorable natural conditions. Today, this province is prosperous and abounds in a variety of agricultural crops and is one of the most important places to grow tea.

The taste of tea and its popularity in this area are associated with isolation from mainland China, because Sichuan province is located in the mountains, where there are special climatic conditions. Long ago, legendary patron of agriculture and medicine, Shen-nun, traveling around the country in search of healing herbs, boiled water in his tripod for another decoction. And a few leaves fell from the tea tree. After trying the resulting drink, Shen-nun never drank anything else, it turned out to be so tasty and invigorating. So in ancient times tea appeared in China. And from China, over time, spread throughout the world: no wonder the word "tea" in most languages is borrowed from Chinese.

The choice of housing in China is huge, but the search for tourists should be approached carefully. Having decided on the date and direction, examine all the offers that you will find on the booking services, by all means read the reviews of other tourists. However, be prepared for the fact that the photos do not always correspond to reality - in China this happens quite often. You can book a room for a couple of nights, and on the spot decide whether this option suits you or not. If it fits, extend your stay, and if not, then have another two or three options where you can stay.

There is no problem with public transport in China. Airplanes, high-speed trains, buses, subways and taxis - the transport infrastructure here is excellent. Tourists who come to China for a month should buy a transport card - this is a plastic card that is suitable for travel on the subway and buses. Having a travel card, you do not have to find out every time how much a bus ticket costs. Metro, trolley buses and buses usually work from 05:00 to 23:00. In the major cities of China, it is especially convenient to travel by taxi. Call a taxi in advance, better from the hotel - at the reception you will be helped to call the car and go to any point of the city.

In many ways, the features of China's flora are determined by the fact that the country's territory was not subjected to Quaternary glaciation, and did not flood the ocean after the Triassic. Those. the ancient flora developed almost unhindered, retaining until now many tertiary elements. More than 300 endemic genera grow in the Celestial Empire, among which trees and shrubs predominate; there are about 32 thousand higher plants of the cold, temperate and tropical zones of the Northern Hemisphere. Among them, more than 7 thousand species of tree trees grow, including 2.8 thousand species of trees.

Endemic species are unique species such as the glacial metasequoia, Chinese glipostrobus, Chinese argyrophyllus, cunningamia, false larch, Taiwanese fluziana, Fujian cypress, davidia, eucommia, and others. So, the metasequoia is a single-glazed rostrobed plant. False larch grows in the mountainous areas of the Yangtze basin. Bunches of leaves resembling coppers were collected on short branches; in the summer they are green, in the fall yellow. False larch is widely used in landscape gardening art.

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