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The giant panda research and breeding center is located in the capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu

On the territory of the Center is the Museum of the giant panda

This is the only museum in the world entirely dedicated to this endangered animal. Exhibits of the museum tell about the panda's habitat, the peculiarities of its behavior, about the efforts of China to preserve and breed the beast. The museum allows visitors to learn about the evolution of the panda, its habitats in the early and present times, about the current status of the panda as an endangered animal and about what the scientific work on its study is aimed at. Visitors can see that the Chinese government is taking specially designed measures to protect the panda and its habitat, and also does a great deal so that as many people as possible can get to know this beloved animal in the whole world.

The best time to travel to the Center is in the morning, from 8:30 to 10:00, when the animals are fed. At other times, it is highly likely that pandas will take care of their favorite business: they will sleep. Spotted bears lead a more solitary life in the mountain reserve, which is located north of the center of Chengdu. The territory of the Wenchuan Oolong Reserve is almost 200 hectares, and 96% of these lands are covered with impassable bamboo thickets. The remaining 4% is occupied by open-air cages for bears of different ages, museums, information points. There is also a rehabilitation center for affected animals.

Chinese history goes back thousands of years. Today this bright and interesting country keeps an impressive historical and cultural heritage, and is developing rapidly, surprising the world every year. One trip to China is definitely not enough to visit all the most interesting and iconic places, and to get the most out of the atmosphere of this amazing country. A trip to China will give the tourist an incredible amount of impressions and emotions: something will become a real discovery, something will delight, and another will cause confusion - but it will not work to remain indifferent.

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Giant Panda Breeding, China - vacation travel photos

If the main man-made landmark of China is the Great Wall of China, then among its natural symbols in the first place, of course, is the big panda

It is almost impossible to meet bamboo bears in the wild: they live only in Tibet and in the mountains of Sichuan province. The Chinese government leases pandas to foreign zoos for a million dollars a year, plus food and lodging. Meeting with funny bamboo bears leaves no one indifferent. In Chengdu, there are many opportunities to buy something original: Chinese or Tibetan souvenirs, brocade or embroidery, antiques or works of art.

China impresses tourists not only with its scale, but also with its culture, sights, a huge number of national features and traditions. This country is multifaceted and mysterious. Here, the oldest architecture is adjacent to the ultra-modern skyscrapers, while the Chinese themselves, who actively use the latest technologies, carefully preserve the customs of their people. Surprisingly, in the bustling, densely populated Chinese megacities live peaceful people, who value comfort and family traditions most of all - this is only possible in China.

The Chinese climate is as diverse as its traditions. The endless steppes of the north are covered with snow in winter, the weather is rather windy there throughout the year, and in the south it is always warm, sunny, with a lot of tropical vegetation. Travel around China can be done at any time of the year. In summer, of course, the maximum number of tourists for the whole year arrives in the country. In some regions, it is simply warm in summer, in others - very hot and humid, especially in the south.

The mild climate and rich culture, sophisticated art and 3,500-year history of China attract tourists from all over the world. Unique monuments of nature, diverse landscapes and original cultural traditions make a trip to this country unforgettable. Beach resorts of Hainan Island, hot springs, sea air, health centers, where in the best traditions of ancient Chinese medicine you will be filled with energy and vigor. Even the most demanding tourists will like the rest in China, because everyone here will find what he was looking for.

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