Giraffe in African bush - vacation travel photos. Africa. Far, mysterious, inaccessible, but so desirable

A giraffe cannot be compared with any other animal, it is so unusual

Giraffes. Slow creatures looking at you with a naive look from a height of five meters. Well, their little horns definitely give out aliens from another planet

What do we know about giraffes? Well, first of all, that the giraffes belonging to the order of ruminant artiodactyls (giraffe family) are the tallest animals in the world. The growth of males can reach a height of up to five and a half, even six meters. This is approximately the height of a two-story house. Moreover, about a third of the growth of a giraffe is its neck. Even newborn giraffes that are born, falling from a height of about two meters, are taller than most people.

In addition to zoos, where most people are used to seeing them, giraffes live in Africa, south of the Sahara desert, on grassy and shrubby plains, where individual trees and tall shrubs grow, the leaves of which are giraffes and feed. Thanks to its unique neck, tall walking giants, like sentinels, rise above the savannah, having the opportunity to taste the tops of the acacias. Giraffes "lick" the leaves of the trees with their long, rough tongue. And the males eat the tops themselves, and the females, which are a little lower, "lick" the leaves about a meter lower.

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Giraffe in African bush - vacation travel photos

Probably for their "one hundred percent cute" fame giraffe is considered one of the main symbols of Africa

Giraffes look very interesting and unusual: bright spotty coloring, high thin legs, long neck, on the end of which a relatively small head with large ears and small horns is located. By the way, despite the fact that at first glance all giraffes look alike, they are all different. The catchy pattern on the skin of a giraffe is absolutely unique - like fingerprints of a person. Giraffe prefer only plant food, especially he adores eating acacia leaves. In ordinary life, giraffes are peaceful and good-natured.

They usually keep in small groups, in the heat they rest in the shade, covering their brown eyes with thick eyelashes and grinding the gum in the mouth. In the morning and in the late afternoon, they feed on trees or shrubs. The food helps to capture a long muscular bluish-black tongue. It is almost half a meter long, not much shorter than an adult's hand.

It is already difficult to surprise modern tourists with luxurious comfortable hotel rooms, picturesque landscapes of nature and a variety of recreational attractions. If you are a great traveler, you've probably already visited many countries of the world, you've had time to see a lot and are seriously considering how you can be truly surprised.

In Kenya, there is an unusual hotel Giraffe Manor, which is located 12 kilometers from the country's capital, Nairobi. The name of the hotel translates as Giraffe Manor and, of course, it speaks for itself. Gorgeous giraffes peacefully roam around the entire property belonging to the hotel, they are happy to meet all the tourists who come here and even safely look into the house for another batch of treats.

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