India travel - Gol Gumbaz mosque in the ancient town Bijapur, Karnataka state. India tours

Mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah. Gol Gumbaz.

India is famous for its pompous palaces, quaint temples and solemn mausoleums

Admire them and admire the skill of the ancient masters can be infinite. In addition to visual appeal, some architectural monuments have distinctive features that can only be felt - for example, to hear. These include the Gol Gumbaz mausoleum, which is a real monument to the power of the Bijapur Sultanate. Its dome looks huge and it's not just an illusion. It is one of the largest domes built in the pre-industrial era. More - only the dome of St. Sophia in Constantinople and the dome of St. Peter's in the Vatican. But the size of the dome is not the only feature of this unique building.

Gol Gumbaz was built as a mausoleum for Sultan Muhammad Adil Shah, the seventh ruler of the dynasty Adil Shah and the head of the Sultanate Bijapur. Construction began shortly after he ascended the throne in 1627. But, apparently, he was not yet fully completed by the time of the death of the ruler in 1656, when the work was finally stopped.

The massive chamber of the mausoleum covers an area of 1,700 square meters. In the tomb, located in the basement, are the remains of the Sultan, his two wives, his mistress, and his daughter and grandson. Each corner of the building is decorated with a seven-story minaret with stairs that provide access to the "whisper gallery". Above you have a stunning view of the surroundings.

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India travel - Gol Gumbaz mosque in the ancient town Bijapur, Karnataka state. India tours

Gol Gumbaz Mausoleum: an acoustic miracle created by ancient masters

Gol Gumbaz is a fabulous impressive building towering over 51 meters above the city of Vijayapura. It is one of the most important examples of late medieval Indo-Islamic architecture. This mausoleum is crowned by a massive round dome, which is impressive not only as an architectural element. This is a real acoustic miracle.

The diameter of the dome is 44 meters. It is one of the largest domes in the modern world and is supported by interconnected arches without any columns. Inside the dome is a balcony, creating a so-called "whisper gallery". Here, any sound, loud or quiet, is amplified and spread throughout the space, causing the concave walls to ring, which is repeated many times. In the dim twilight of the interior of the gallery, hovering at a height of 33 meters above the main camera, the effect is really surreal.

The architectural decor of the building is distinguished by its simple and discreet beauty. Initially, the tomb was decorated with tiles of red, blue, yellow and white colors, in perfect harmony with the calm gray color of the sandstone from the Chunar quarries. Together with the platform, you can count five floors, which are perfectly combined with each other and make up a harmonious whole. Later a small bridge with a powerful entrance structure was built from the bank to the mausoleum. The game of water ripples on the pond creates the impression of movement of the mighty building of the mausoleum, like a huge lonely ship, which further emphasizes its greatness. The very idea of movement used in the construction of the mausoleum is original.

Bijapur city of Karnataka presents countless monuments and unusual sights for travelers, they say that it will take a week to enjoy the city properly, because there are so many places to visit. Some monuments were built during the rule of the Adil Shah dynasty, and their building structures were known throughout India. To get to Bijapur from Bangalore, you have to overcome a distance of 530 km, Mumbai is 550 km, and Hyderabad is 384 km from the city.

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