Golden Buddha, Penang. Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple

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Penang is one of the most picturesque islands of Malaysia

The Penang tour is an opportunity to visit the Butterfly Park and the Bird Park, the Snake Temple and the Temple of Supreme Bliss, Buddhist temples, Georgetown, a fruit farm, the Botanical Garden and other places. From museums you should definitely look at Suffolk House, the exhibition of which tells about the history of Penang; and the Owl Museum, which exhibits all sorts of owl figurines from the most unexpected materials.

The very beautiful Buddhist temple Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple is located in Georgetown opposite the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Chaiyamangalaram Thai Buddhist Temple, sometimes shortened to Wat Chaiya). This is the first Buddhist temple of the island, it is visible from afar, since almost all of its roof is covered with gilding.

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Golden Buddha, Penang

Golden Buddha is located in a separate room

The Golden Buddha is a very large marble statue, whose clothes are made of gold. It is even difficult to guess how much gold was spent on such a gigantic sculpture, and the exact data are kept secret by monks. The entrance to the temple is guarded by mythical creatures, in the form of lions or dogs with dragon heads.

The walls inside the temple are decorated with a large number of Buddha figures. Behind the Golden Buddha are the statues of monks. The roof looks like a real piece of lace art. Once this island belonged to the Sultan of Kedah and until 1786 was uninhabited, until the British East India Company decided to establish its trading station here.

Since then, Penang became the first possession of the British in what is now Malaysia. Penang Island is located in the north-west of Malaysia, in a few kilometers from the mainland and connected to it by two bridges. The state of Penang includes not only the island itself, but also part of the mainland. Jellyfish interfere with swimming in the coastal zone of Penang, therefore, as an alternative to tourists, cheap half-day cruises to uninhabited islands with clean beaches and clear water are offered.

Malaysia is a multinational country with many languages and religions. Mostly Malays, Chinese and Indians live here, which contributes to the diversity and diversity of the state's culture. This country is often called Asia in miniature. The modern architecture of Malaysia includes both local styles and European. The exteriors of houses in the northern part of the country are similar to neighboring Thai, and the southern houses are more similar to Javanese. Wood has always been the traditional material for building houses for both the rich and the poor. Used in the construction of bamboo and its leaves.

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