Golden Throne, USA

Capitol Reef National Park in Utah, USA

Capitol Reef is a US national park spread over 979 square kilometers

The park attracts tourists with its stunning canyon, spiers, sandstone monoliths. The park is a huge crack in the Earth's crust with a length of 160 km, known as the "Waterpack Fold". It was she who formed the amazing landscapes of rocks of at least 80 million years old, which were later modified by the sun, water and wind. The name of the park originated from the similarity of the local hills with the Capitol dome, and the word reef refers to any rocky barrier preventing travel. In this area in ancient times there was a shallow sea, but due to tectonic processes, the area rose, forming the Capitol Reef, as well as the Rocky Mountains. In the US, there are many interesting natural attractions.

The park has many paths for hiking and mountain walks, a ten-mile road, where you can start your way from the information center and travel through the Fruita settlement to viewing platforms, from where you can enjoy a picturesque panorama of the surroundings. The park has preserved the pictogram of the ancient Indians who inhabited these places many centuries ago.

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Golden Throne, USA

A hike to the rock of Golden Throne

Capitol Reef Park is a desert rugged mountain ranges, but, nevertheless, here near the river Fremont lived Indians who grew corn, pumpkin, lentils. They stored their reserves in stone granaries. In the 13th century, the Indians left the river valley, most likely due to a prolonged drought. In 1866, Mormons fell into this region, and soon their first Fruta settlement appeared in the Fremont Valley.

Here they broke orchards, engaged in agriculture, but because of the isolation of the area, they left her. After the Mormons there remained several buildings and orchards of cherries, apples, pears, nuts, peaches. Fruits for an additional fee can be collected, and the collection schedule can be found in the information center of the park.

In the rocks of Capitol Reef there is a deposit of uranium ore, but its quantity is not enough for industrial mining. This saved the mountains in the 1950s from destruction, and in 1971 the area was declared a national park. Capitol Reef is a very popular place among tourists, especially many travelers began to come here after the construction of the highway. The park has a large campground where you can spend the night, for spending the night in the territory of the park you need to get a special permit.

In the United States there are a huge number of interesting tourist sites: national parks, historical sites and museums. Currently, tourists are attracted by amusement parks, various festivals, gambling centers, golf courses, historical buildings and monuments, hotels, museums, galleries, outdoor recreation, spa complexes, restaurants and sporting events. A lot of tourists tend to visit Las Vegas.

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