Grand Cayman vacation. The girl having sunbath on Seven Mile Beach. Grand Cayman resorts, Cayman Islands tours

Grand Cayman Attractions on Caribbean Cruises

Grand Cayman is one of the most visited cruise ship islands in the world

In the capital of the island of Georgetown there is no cruise pier, liners are on the roads. Passengers are delivered by tender boats. The town itself is small, well maintained, many cafes and shops. The main attractions of Grand Cayman are: Stringray Sandbar, where you can swim with stingrays in shallow water. Turtle Farms Turtle Farm - swimming with turtles. Located 12 km from the port.

The Cayman Islands are legally UK and consist of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. In 1503, the Cayman Islands visited Columbus, and then in the 70s of the 17th century the islands were transferred to England. Grand Cayman (English Grand Cayman) is the largest island, it is here that the capital is located - Georgetown. The island is a reef with a height of twenty-four meters, there is not a single river on the island, due to which the sea water off the coast is extremely transparent. It is here that the favorite resting place of diving and snorkel lovers from around the world. The west coast of the island is the most populated, the capital and the international airport are located here.

The Little Cayman and Cayman Brac Islands were discovered during the fourth expedition of Christopher Columbus in May 1503 and were named Las Tortugas, which means Turtle Islands. At the time of the discovery of the island were uninhabited, had no sources of fresh water and were of no interest to the colonialists. Later, the name "Cayman Islands" began to appear on the maps, but this was the result of an error, as subsequent Spanish and British expeditions took the big green turtles for crocodile-caimans. It is believed that the Grand Cayman Island was discovered by the famous British pirate Francis Drake in 1586. And no wonder, because for two centuries, interest in the islands showed exclusively pirates and hunters turtles.

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Grand Cayman vacation. The girl having sunbath on Seven Mile Beach. Grand Cayman resorts, Cayman Islands tours.
The lack of rivers and lakes on the islands has led to the fact that their coastal waters are unusually clear and transparent for several meters. The sand here is dazzling white, as it was formed as a result of the erosion of the upper layer of white granite slabs rising above the water. All this contributes to the organization and development of beach tourism. The beaches here are almost everywhere, along the entire length of the coast of all the islands, where there are no coastal cliffs and mangroves. All the islands are surrounded by a powerful coral reef, which makes the islands attractive for diving and snorkeling fans. A countless number of orange sponges and tropical fish of the most diverse forms are found in the coral reefs and coastal waters of all the islands, among them barracuda and stingray, which are unusually many. Plunging to the depth here you can find sea green turtles, which are suitable on the sandbanks. A real find for divers is the Russian frigate submerged in 1996 off the coast of Cayman Braque, acquired by the Cayman government to strengthen the coast of the island off Cuba. In summer, it becomes just a place of pilgrimage for diving enthusiasts.

Seven Miles beach is 3 km from Georgetown. Rum Point beach is 40 km from the city

Seven Mile Beach is a long crescent-shaped beach with coral sand in the western part of Grand Cayman. The beach is known for its beauty and is public property (like all beaches in the Cayman Islands). Seven Mile Beach is the most popular area of the island, where the best hotels and restaurants are located. Despite its name, the length of the beach in reality is no more than 5 miles (8.0 km), which is due to the erosion process, which reduces the length of the beach. Diving services are also offered here.

In the eastern part of Grand Cayman is located Pedro St. James Castle in the town of Savannah, which is one of the oldest fortifications in the Caribbean. In the vicinity of the town of Bodden are the so-called caves of pirates, which, according to legend, hid the loot pirates of different times and eras. In the center of the eastern part of Grand Cayman is the national botanical park Queen Elizabeth II, covering an area of more than 65 acres. There are more than 300 samples of various plants growing on the islands.

Numerous local travel agencies offer a variety of island tours. The famous place on the island - West Bay County, here is a farm where they grow green sea turtles. The city of Stingray City is named so in honor of the sea cats - stingrays, which live in enormous quantities near the coast. The Cayman Islands are famous throughout the world for their unusual entertainment of scuba diving. Here are soft currents, calm water, very good visibility, stretching along the coast reefs and 325 wrecks scattered around in coastal waters. Beautiful beaches and exceptional scuba diving are just two of the many reasons to visit the Caymans.

Accommodation for tourists arriving in the islands is carried out in hotels on the Grand Cayman Islands and Cayman Brac. It offers arriving 19 top-class hotels that can satisfy the most sophisticated guests. Hotels are scattered along the coast of the islands, thereby simplifying the delivery of tourists to the coastal beaches.

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