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The Royal Palace, a unique example of Thai architecture, is one of Bangkok's many wonders

It represents a whole complex of buildings and covers an area of 218 thousand square meters. It is incredible how detailed the figures of the mythological guards are, the gilded wood carvings and hundreds of thousands of tiles on the roof. The complex consists of dozens of buildings, so one visit will not be enough.

From the moment you enter the territory of the palace, you do not get tired to marvel at its beauty. Amazing architecture, a riot of colors in everything, sacred places and temples, numerous sculptures of mythical animals and the opportunity to touch the history - this is something that tourists can remember. In the evening, when the lights are turned on, the palace also looks amazing, so after dark it is worth walking around the palace.

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Grand Palace, Bangkok

At the entrances and exits you will be met by the Yaksha - five-meter demonic creatures guarding the treasures of the gods and devouring greedy people

The majestic palace ensemble of the 18th century is no longer the residence of the royal family, although a few days a year, ceremonies are held in the palace with their participation. Not all the territory of the palace is accessible to tourists, for example, the entrance to the royal residence and offices is closed. But what is publicly available is more than enough to impress, amaze and exhaust tourists. Visitors can enjoy a tour of pagodas, temples, palaces, as well as visit the museums and galleries of the palace complex.

It is best to visit the Grand Royal Palace in the morning, when it is still not so hot and there are not so many "package" tourists, which are usually brought to 10-11 hours. You can combine a visit to the Grand Royal Palaces with other attractions that are next door, namely the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha (Wat Pho / Wat Pho) and the Temple of the Morning Dawn (Wat Arun).

The Royal Palace is one of Bangkok's main attractions and an iconic place for all of Thailand. Even if you will be in Bangkok for just 1 day, be sure to visit the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha located in it. You will get an idea of Thai history and culture. The main attractions of the ensemble of the Grand Royal Palace: the Royal Library, the Royal Pantheon, the Golden Stupa and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Many tourists come to see only the Emerald Buddha, which is considered the main protector of Thailand.

The Royal Library (Phra Mondor) contains sacred manuscripts written on palm leaves. The temple is closed for internal inspection. Immediately behind it is another interesting object - a small copy of the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat. The copy is very accurate, made with amazing skill. It is also worth paying attention to the Queen Sirikit Museum - the textile museum. It will be interesting first of all to women, since almost all the Queen's official dresses are collected in the museum. In addition, you can see how real Thai silk fabric is made.

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